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Adding/Dropping Classes

Financial aid may be revised when classes are dropped, not attended, or when non-participation is reported by professors.

Click on the box corresponding to the time period you drop a course to see what types of aid are impacted.


This information is for the fall and spring semesters only. Different timeframes and processes are in place for summer.

Weeks 5-6 Weeks 6-16 Weeks 3-4

Weeks 1-4

Several factors may lead to a review of financial aid eligibility within the first four weeks of the semester. If necessary, financial aid eligibility may be revised and result in a bill that the student is responsible for paying. Please review the following policies so you are aware of the potential impact a change in enrollment may have on your financial aid eligibility.

Initial Course Participation

Professors have a directive from the Office of the Provost to report initial course participation for students by the end of the fourth week of class. This process is known as Initial Course Participation (ICP). If a professor reports that you have not participated in the course, your financial aid may be adjusted to match your actual enrollment at that time. Although professors should report ICP by the end of the fourth week of class, they may still do so after that date, which may lead to a revision in financial aid eligibility. To view how your instructor(s) reported your attendance in class, log on to myPurdue and select Initial Course Participation under the "Academic Tab". You should contact your professor if you believe ICP has been reported incorrectly on your behalf.

Note: You are automatically assumed to be participating in your courses unless the professor reports otherwise.

Census Date

Purdue determines eligibility for financial aid based on level of enrollment at a defined point in the semester, known as the Census Date. The Census Date is the end of the fourth week of the fall and spring terms. Financial aid may be adjusted after the Census Date if your enrollment on that date does not match your expected enrollment.

For example, you enrolled in 12 credit hours (full-time status) at the beginning of the semester and received financial aid based on full-time enrollment. You later dropped or withdrew from a 3 credit hour course. At Census Date, your actual enrollment is 9 credit hours (three-quarter-time status). Your financial aid eligibility will be recalculated to reflect three-quarter-time enrollment.

Division of Student Financial Aid (SFA), formerly known as the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI), 4-Week Rule

The Division of Student Financial Aid (SFA) administers fee-dedicated state aid funding to eligible recipients. In order to qualify and remain eligible for the Higher Education Award and the Twenty-first Century Scholarship, a student must remain enrolled full-time through the Census Date. The amount of state aid may be reduced or cancelled if you receive a tuition refund at any time during the semester.


Financial aid that is subject to revision or cancellation as a result of any of the above includes Federal Pell grant, any Indiana State grants or scholarships, the Presidential Scholarship, and the Trustees Scholarship. Your financial aid will be revised to reflect the number of credit hours you are enrolled and participating in on the Census Date. The student is responsible for any bill that results.

Weeks 5-6

On the Purdue West Lafayette (PWL) campus, the tuition refund period extends through the sixth week of classes. PWL students are assessed regular full-time fees for 8 or more credit hours of enrollment. Students that drop below 8 credit hours during weeks 5 and 6 in the semester will receive a tuition refund. As a result, your fee-dedicated financial aid and fee remissions will be reduced or cancelled. The student is responsible for any bill that results.

Note: Tuition refunds only occur during tuition refund periods as outlined by the Bursar's Office.

Weeks 1-16

If a student fully withdraws from classes before the end of the term, the Bursar's Office will perform the Federal Return to Title IV calculation to determine if and how much aid must be repaid. The student is responsible for any bill that results.