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Campus Map
(for Fall 2003)

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Map of the Purdue Campus

ABE-Agricultural and Biological Engineering
ADDL-Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
AEMS-Agricultural Engineering Machine Storage Building
AERO-Aerospace Science Laboratory
AGAD-Agricultural Administration Building
AHF-Animal Holding Facility
AQUA-Boilermaker Aquatic Center
ASTL-Animal Sciences Teaching Laboratory
AT-Aviation Technology Building
BCC-Black Cultural Center
BCHM-Biochemistry Building
BRNG-Beering (Steven C.) Hall of Liberal Arts
and Education
BRWN-Brown (Herbert C.) Laboratory of Chemistry
BSG-Building Services and Grounds
CA1-5-Creative Arts, Buildings 1 through 5
CARL-Coating Applications Research Laboratory
CDFS-Child Development and Family Studies Building
†CHAF-Chaffee Hall
CIVL-Civil Engineering Building
CL50-Class of 1950 Lecture Hall
COMP-Composites Laboratory
CS-Computer Science Building
DAUC-Dauch (Dick and Sandy) Alumni Center
DMNT-DeMent (Clayton W.) Fire Station
DOYL-Doyle (Leo Philip) Laboratory
DYE-Pete Dye Clubhouse
EE-Electrical Engineering Building
EEL-Entomology Environmental Laboratory
EHSB-Equine Health Sciences Building
ELLT-Elliott (Edward C.) Hall of Music
ENAD-Engineering Administration Building
FOOD-Food Stores Building
FOPN-Flight Operations Building
FORS-Forestry Building
FPRD-Forest Products Building
FRNY-Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
FREH-Freehafer (Lytle J.) Hall of Administrative Services
FS-Food Science Building
FWLR-Fowler (Harriet O. and James M., Jr.)
Memorial House
GCMB-Golf Course Maintenance Barn
GDRH-Golf Course Driving Range
GSMB-Golf Storage Maintenance Building
GRIS-Grissom Hall
GRS-Grounds Service Building
HANS-Hansen (Arthur G.) Life Sciences Research Building
HEAV-Heavilon Hall
HERL-Herrick Laboratories
HGR4-6-Hangars, Numbers 4 through 6
HGRH-Horticulture Greenhouses
HIKS-Hicks (John W.) Undergraduate Library
HORT-Horticulture Building
HOVD-Hovde (Frederick L.) Hall of Administration
HPN-Heating and Power Plant-North
IAF-Intercollegiate Athletic Facility
JNSN-Johnson (Helen R.) Hall of Nursing
KCTR-Krannert Center for Executive Education
and Research
KNOY-Knoy (Maurice G.) Hall of Technology
KRAN-Krannert Building
LAMB-Lambert (Ward L.) Fieldhouse and Gymnasium
  Library, Main (see HIKS)
LILY-Lilly Hall of Life Sciences
LMSB-Laboratory Materials Storage Building
LSA-Life Science Animal Building
LSPS-Life Science Plant and Soils Laboratory
LSR-Life Science Ranges (Greenhouse and Service
LYNN-Lynn (Charles J.) Hall of Veterinary Medicine
MACK-Mackey (Guy J.) Arena
MATH-Mathematical Sciences Building
ME-Mechanical Engineering Building
MGL-Michael Golden Engineering Laboratories
and Shops
MMDC-Materials Management and Distribution Center
MMS1-Materials Management Storage Building 1
MOLL-Mollenkopf Athletic Center
MSEE-Materials and Electrical Engineering Building
MTHW-Matthews (Mary L.) Hall
NUCL-Nuclear Engineering Building
OLMN-Ollman (Melvin L.) Golfcart Barn
PFEN-Pfendler (David C.) Hall of Agriculture
PFSB-Physical Facilities Service Building
PHYS-Physics Building
PMU-Purdue Memorial Union (includes Visitor
Information Center at PMU [VIC@PMU])
PMUC-Purdue Memorial Union Club
POAN-Poultry Science Annex
POTR-Potter (A. A.) Engineering Center
POUL-Poultry Science Building
PRCE-Peirce Hall
PRNT-Printing Services Building
PSYC-Psychological Sciences Building
PUSH-Purdue University Student Health Center
RAIL-American Railway Building
RAWL-Rawls (Jerry S.) Hall
REC-Recitation Building
RSC-Recreational Sports Center
RHPH-Heine (Robert E.) Pharmacy Building
SC-Stanley Coulter Hall
SCCA-E-South Campus Courts, Buildings A through E
SCHL-Schleman (Helen B.) Hall of Student Services
SCPA-Slayter Center of Performing Arts
SEAN-Service Building Annex
SERV-Service Building
SIML-Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center
SMTH-Smith Hall
SOIL-Soil Erosion Laboratory, National
SSA1-Student Services Annex-One
SSOF-State Street Office Facility
STDM-Ross-Ade Stadium F3
(includes Ross-Ade Pavilion [RAP])
STEW-Stewart Center
STON-Stone (Winthrop E.)
 › Student Health Center (see PUSH)
TERM-Terminal Building
TEL-Telecommunications Building
TERY-Terry (Oliver P.) Memorial Hous
TH1-6-Tee-Hangars 1 through 6
TMB-Transportation Maintenance Building
UNIV-University Hall

VA1-Veterinary Animal Isolation Building 1
VA2-Veterinary Animal Isolation Building 2
VCPR-Veterinary Center for Paralysis Research
VLAB-Veterinary Laboratory Animal Building
VOIN-Voinoff (Samuel) Golf Pavilion
VPRB-Veterinary Pathobiology Research Building
VPTH-Veterinary Pathology Building
 ›Visitor Information Center (VIC) and Parking
  Services (see PGNW). Visitor Information Center
  at PMU (VIC@PMU) (see PMU).
VPA-Visual and Performing Arts
WADE-Wade (Walter W.) Utility Plant
WEST-Westwood (President’s Home)
WGLR-Women’s Golf Locker Room
WSLR-Whistler (Roy L.) Hall of Agricultural Research
WTHR-Wetherill (Richard Benbridge) Laboratory
of Chemistry
†ZL1-Combustion Research Laboratory
†ZL2-Gas Dynamics Research Laboratory
†ZL3-High Pressure Research Laboratory
†ZL4-Propulsion Research Laboratory
†ZL5-Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
501H-501 Hayes Street

Residence Facilities

CARY-Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle
*DUHM-Duhme (Ophelia) Residence Hall
ERHT-Earhart (Amelia) Residence Hall
HARR-Harrison (Benjamin) Residence Hall
HAWK-Hawkins (George A.) Hall
HILL-Hillenbrand Residence Hall
HLTP-Hilltop Apartments
MCUT-McCutcheon (John T.) Residence Hall
MRDH-Meredith (Virginia C.) Residence Hall
OWEN-Owen (Richard) Residence Hall
PVAB-Purdue Village Administration Building
PVCC-Purdue Village Community Center
PVIL-Purdue Village
*SHLY-Shealy (Frances M.) Residence Hall
SHRV-Shreve (Eleanor B.) Residence Hall
SMLY-Smalley (John C.) Center for Housing and
Food Services Administration
TARK-Tarkington (Newton Booth) Residence Hall
*VAWT-Vawter (Everett B.) Residence Hall
*WARN-Warren (Martha E. and Eugene K.) Residence Hall
WILY-Wiley (Harvey W.) Residence Hall
*WOOD-Wood (Elizabeth G. and William R.) Residence Hall
YONG-Young (Ernest C.) Hall

Parking Garages

PGG-Parking Garage, Grant Street
PGGW-Parking Garage, Grant and Wood Streets
PGM-Parking Garage, Marsteller Street
PGMD-Parking Garage, McCutcheon Drive
PGNW-Parking Garage, Northwestern Avenue (includes
Visitor Information Center and Parking Services)
PGU-Parking Garage, University Street

Purdue Research Park (inset)

BTC- Business and Technology Center
CMBR-1231 Cumberland Avenue
HENT-Hentschel (W. F.) Center
INOV-Innovation Center
PTC-Purdue Technology Center
VTCH-Vision Technology One
YEAG-2655 Yeager Road
A-MED Institute
B-Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BAS)
C-Cook Biotech, Inc.
D-CTS RF Integrated Modules
E-Symix Systems, Inc.
F-Endocyte, Inc.
G-AC Engineering, Inc.

Other Maps

Maps are available in the publications racks in Hovde Hall, the Memorial Union, Purdue Airport, the Visitor Information Center, and from the Office of the Dean of Students and Purdue Marketing Communications. These include the Accessibility Guide for people with disabilities and the Self-Guided Tour map highlighting points of interest near the Memorial Union. Parking Facilities offers Parking Guide maps.

* — Windsor Residence Halls
— Part of Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories
‡ — Buildings not appearing on map

Source: Purdue Marketing Communications

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