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Additional Facts and Figures
Housing and Food Services

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Housing Capacity for 2003-04

Undergraduate Housing
Graduate Housing
Family Housing (Purdue Village)


  • Purdue’s Housing operation is the fourth largest in the country and the largest with no live-in requirement for any students at any level in the University. Approximately 35% of the student body lives in the 15 housing units on campus. For the past 10 years, 81-87% of each entering class has been housed in one of Purdue’s housing options.

  • Spring Semester GPA for all undergraduate students in residence halls and graduate houses was higher than all off-campus students, class by class, i.e., freshmen on campus vs. freshmen off-campus, etc.

  • Amelia Earhart and Lillian Gilbreth lived in Windsor Halls, serving as positive role models for female students.

  • The Faculty Fellow program involves 170 faculty and staff on a volunteer basis in the undergraduate residence halls, making it one of the largest faculty involvement programs in the country.

  • Over 4,800 residential life programs were offered to University Residences students during the academic year 2002-03.

  • Residence Hall Council has 25 elected hall officers who serve as a liaison between students and administrators while each hall (12) has an independent student organization with an annual budget in excess of $25,000.

  • Purdue Village administers a language school program to approximately 400 participants annually.

  • Boiler TV is the University Residences’ cable service that offers 30 TV channels, FM radio signals, and Boiler TV that provides 5 daily movies and announcements to residents, academic campus subscribers, and visitors to campus. Like C-Span, Boiler TV periodically broadcasts live campus events.

  • University Residences is among the top 10 busiest summer conference operators in the country.

  • Elliott Hall of Music was designed by the same architect who designed Radio City Music Hall. With 6,025 seats, it is one of the largest proscenium theaters in the world. The internal volume of the Elliott Hall of Music auditorium is 1,610,046 cubic feet. To illustrate the size and scope of this number, it would take 48,140,398 6oz. packages of Jell-O to make enough Jell-O to fill the Hall of Music. Elliott Hall of Music houses the oldest university public radio in the country, WBAA.

  • The Union Club Hotel, the largest in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area, completed a $9.5 million renovation of the 131 rooms in its North Wing in January 2002.

  • The Purdue Memorial Union has the largest ballrooms in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area and has the largest indoor holiday tree in Indiana each year. 14,000 people come through the doors of the Purdue Memorial Union each day.

  • The Black Cultural Center has one of the finest collections of books and periodicals relating to the African American experience in the country.

  • During the fiscal year 2002-03, University Residences served 2.9 million meals in our halls. Purdue’s Food Stores Operations can store up to 50 semi-trailer loads of food at 10 degrees below zero. That’s over 2 million pounds of food.

What Students are Bringing to Campus*

Graph: What Students are Bringing to Campus

*As of December 2001 survey, or applicable in the 2001-02 academic year.

Source: Housing and Food Services Business Office


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