Purdue University, Data Digest, West Lafayette, 2000-01
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We are pleased to provide you with this inaugural edition of the Purdue University Data Digest 2000-01 for West Lafayette. The digest is intended to be a useful reference for individuals and organizations seeking detailed information about our campus, and contains a wealth of quantitative information about a variety of topics.

We anticipate that Purdue students, faculty, and staff within the University will use this digest. It also will be useful to an external audience, including universities both in and outside of Indiana; companies; prospective students; parents; and others.

The data digest is also available in a paper version. The data digest will be updated on an annual basis with publication in January of each year.

Thank you for using the data digest. We are proud of the teaching, research, and outreach activities at Purdue University, and hope that this digest captures an interesting snapshot of our academic community.

Contact Information

Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning
Purdue University
1076 Freehafer Hall of Administration
401 South Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1076

Telephone: (765) 494-7124
FAX: (765) 494-7125
E-mail datadigest@purdue.edu

Acknowledgements: This digest was prepared to a significant extent by members of the Institutional Data Network (IDN). Each contributing office is noted on the respective page(s). Purdue Marketing Communications played a central role in preparing both the paper and Web versions of the data digest.


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