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Discovery Park

(as of June 2013)

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Discovery Park is a hub of interdisciplinary activity on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus.  It is designed to be a dynamic entity capable of adjusting to the changing landscape of issues and challenges by providing unique facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and shared spaces for collaborative projects in: life sciences; energy; climate change; environment; healthcare; cancer; nanotechnology; drug discovery; modeling and simulation across many domains; cyberinfrastructure; STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics); and other areas.  With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and in partnership with Purdue Research Park’s Foundry and the Office of Technology Commercialization, DP speeds new inventions and accelerates technology commercialization to create high-tech industry locally and globally.          
  n   Initiated:  2001 as a sponsored program; is now an integral part of Purdue through the Office of the Vice President for Research.
  n   Location:  Discovery Park is located at the new southwest entrance to campus, where US 231 crosses Harrison Street and heads north to intersect with State Street.  In addition to occupying shared buildings on 40 acres at this site, DP projects are done in faculty research laboratories campus-wide.  The new Hall for Drug Discovery is on the main campus, and the new Discovery Park Partners Facility is located on State Street approximately ¼ mile west of campus.
Discovery Park Core Centers      
n   Bindley Bioscience Center   n   Space Added to Date:
n   Birck Nanotechnology Center       l   Laboratory:  148,000 square feet
n   Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship       l   Office and Interaction Space:  107,000 square feet
n   Center for Predictive Materials and Devices          
n   Discovery Learning Research Center   n   Equipment Added to Date: $34.4 million
n   Global Sustainability Initiative          
    n   Energy Center   n   Facilities:
    n   Center for the Environment       l   Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship; opened 2004
    n   Center for Global Food Security       l   Birck Nanotechnology Center; opened 2005
    n   Purdue Climate Change Research Center       l   Bindley Bioscience Center; opened 2005
    n   Purdue Water Community       l   Discovery Park Partners Facility; opened 2013
    n   Advanced Computational Center for Engineering and Sciences       l   Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall; opened 2007
    n   Cyber Center/Computing Research Institute       l   Hall for Discovery and Learning Research Center; opened 2009
    n   Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (ITaP)       l   Hall for Drug Discovery; will open Spring 2014
n   Oncological Sciences Center       l   Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Facility; will open Spring 2014
n   Purdue Center for Drug Discovery          
n   Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering n Unique Features:  The facilities are shared university resources.  Highly collaborative, interdisciplinary projects are connected throughout Purdue and to Purdue Research Parks.  Technology commercialization is facilitated through the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship and the university’s strong partnership with the Purdue Research Park.  Discovery Park also provides office space for the Purdue Foundry, a PRF initiative to help meet needs of Purdue innovators interested in forming a startup or licensing discoveries.
In addition, Discovery Park hosts a large portfolio of projects and project centers that are often shared among several core centers.      
Contact Discovery Park at discoverypark@purdue.edu or visit the Web site at http://www.purdue.edu/dp.      


Source: Discovery Park Administration