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Comparison of Average Faculty Salaries at Peer and Big Ten Public Universities

(for Academic Year 2012-13)

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Peer Universities Average Faculty Salaries1
Full Professor     Associate Professor     Assistant Professor     Overall Faculty Average4  
University of California-Berkeley $158.9   University of California-Berkeley $107.3   University of California-Berkeley $94.7   University of California-Berkeley $127.2
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 148.7   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 101.1   Georgia Institute of Technology 89.7   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 119.2
University of Texas-Austin 144.0   Georgia Institute of Technology 95.4   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 88.8   Georgia Institute of Technology 115.1
Georgia Institute of Technology 142.6   Pennsylvania State University3 94.3   University of Illinois-Urbana3 87.4   University of Texas-Austin 113.9
University of Illinois-Urbana3 141.7   University of Texas-Austin 92.8   University of Texas-Austin 86.0   University of Illinois-Urbana3 112.7
Pennsylvania State University3 138.7   Ohio State University-Main Campus2 92.0   Ohio State University-Main Campus2 85.1   Pennsylvania State University3 111.2
Ohio State University-Main Campus2 136.9   University of Wisconsin-Madison3 91.1   Pennsylvania State University3 82.5   Ohio State University-Main Campus2 110.3
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 134.3   University of Illinois-Urbana3 91.1   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 81.8   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 107.3
University of Iowa2 132.2   Michigan State University2 90.9   Indiana University-Bloomington2 80.4   Indiana University-Bloomington2 105.9
Indiana University-Bloomington2 132.0   Purdue University 89.3   Purdue University 80.4   Purdue University 104.2
Michigan State University2 131.2   Indiana University-Bloomington2 88.6   University of Wisconsin-Madison3 77.5   University of Iowa2 104.2
Purdue University 127.7   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 88.5   Texas A&M University-College Station 75.6   Michigan State University2 104.0
Texas A&M University-College Station 122.2   University of Iowa2 87.4   University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 74.6   University of Wisconsin-Madison3 100.1
University of Wisconsin-Madison3 118.8   Texas A&M University-College Station 84.5   University of Iowa2 74.6   Texas A&M University-College Station 99.1
University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 116.0   University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 78.9   Michigan State University2 71.0   University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 94.4
Peer Universities Average Faculty Compensation1
Full Professor     Associate Professor     Assistant Professor     Overall Faculty Average4  
University of California-Berkeley $212.3   University of California-Berkeley $147.3   University of California-Berkeley $131.4   University of California-Berkeley $172.4
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 181.6   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 127.9   University of Illinois-Urbana3 117.1   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 148.3
University of Illinois-Urbana3 179.3   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 124.3   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 115.9   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 146.2
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2 178.0   Michigan State University2 123.5   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor3 113.5   University of Illinois-Urbana3 146.1
Pennsylvania State University3 173.5   Pennsylvania State University3 121.5   Georgia Institute of Technology 110.3   Pennsylvania State University3 140.8
Georgia Institute of Technology 171.7   University of Illinois-Urbana3 121.3   Ohio State University-Main Campus2 108.4   Georgia Institute of Technology 140.1
University of Texas-Austin 170.3   Georgia Institute of Technology 118.1   Pennsylvania State University3 105.9   Ohio State University-Main Campus2 138.1
University of Iowa2 169.7   Purdue University 117.2 Purdue University 105.9 Michigan State University2 138.1
Michigan State University2 169.2   Ohio State University-Main Campus2 116.9   University of Texas-Austin 105.1   University of Texas-Austin 136.7
Ohio State University-Main Campus2 169.2   University of Wisconsin-Madison3 116.7   Indiana University-Bloomington2 102.4   University of Iowa2 134.3
Indiana University-Bloomington2 164.7   University of Texas-Austin 113.4   University of Wisconsin-Madison3 101.3   Indiana University-Bloomington2 133.4
Purdue University 159.3   University of Iowa2 113.3   Michigan State University2 100.1   Purdue University 133.2
University of Wisconsin-Madison3 147.5   Indiana University-Bloomington2 113.0   University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 98.1   University of Wisconsin-Madison3 126.6
University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 146.0   University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 103.4   University of Iowa2 96.8   University of Nebraska-Lincoln2 121.1
Texas A&M University-College Station 144.1   Texas A&M University-College Station 100.8   Texas A&M University-College Station 90.3   Texas A&M University-College Station 117.5
1In thousands of dollars.                    
2Big Ten Public University.                    
3Both Big Ten Public and Peer University.          
4Overall faculty average salary and compensation are weighted based on the number of faculty in each rank for Purdue; peer overall average is mapped to
Purdue ranks by weighting the percentage of faculty in each rank at Purdue.        
Data Source: March-April 2013 Academe        
Note: Salaries are expressed on an academic year basis; academic department heads are included.                  



Source: Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness