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Recreational Sports

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In response to overcrowding and functional shortcomings in the previous facility, n Intramural Sports– offered 39 sports this season. Most popular sports were: basketball
Purdue and Rec Sports began the process of re-inventing the 53-year-old CoRec   (287) sand volleyball (233), flag football (223), softball (180), and indoor turf soccer
in 2006. Student involvement led the way, and after three years of renovation and   (176) | 9,614 unique participants for a total registration number of 26,364 and 68,905
additions, the CoRec re-opened in 2012 as a modern fitness and wellness facility.   participations.
With a partial opening in October 2012 and full opening in January 2013, the CoRec    
had a total utilzation number of 1,171,937. Data from Spring 2013 showed that n Fitness/Wellness Services –Party in PINK Zumba-Yogathon 184 students, faculty and
students who visited the CoRec 2 – 7 times a month earned GPAs of 2.93 – 3.05.   staff raised $920 benefiting Purdue’s Campaign for the United Way | 1,794 Group X
In comparison, students who did not visit the CoRec had an average GPA of 2.65.   passes sold | 1,024 Learn to Play enrollees | 2843 personal training sessions sold (29.0%
This suggests that students who frequent the CoRec are learning valuable skills   increase this year) | Implemented Massage Therapy Program in October 2012 and had 238
in addition to the physical benefits. Many users say that, as a result of their   clients purchase 296 sessions for $12,215 in revenue.
commitment to fitness, they develop skills in time management, conflict    
resolution, and teamwork; these are tools that can be very helpful both n Boilermaker Aquatic Center– Hosted numerous events, including 7 ICA meets, 2 High
in the classroom and outside of it.   School meets, 5 Age Group, 1 Masters, and Group Fitness, Intramural and PALS aquatic
  activities. | 25 Aqua Education classes, including Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instructor,
      CPR/AED, and Lifeguarding Instructor serving a total of 118 people | Offered more than
2012-13 HIGHLIGHTS   1430 private/semi-private lessons over the past year | More than 350 people participated in
      group Learn-to-Swim classes | This is the first year to include Parent & Child and Preschool
n Club Sports – Recorded 2,182 club members in 30 recognized club sports.   Aquatics Learn-to-Swim classes.
- Women’s Volleyball Club was recognized as the Club Sports Team of the Year. n Climbing and Challenge Programs–103 unique groups, totaling 2,686
      participants, experienced a Boiler Challenge program, with 2048 Purdue University
- Men’s Lacrosse Club qualified for nationals after winning their conference   students and 308 Purdue faculty/staff participating | In eight months of operation,
  championship.   the Climbing Wall had 4,892 unique visitors and 15,044 total visits. During the fall
      and spring semesters, the Bouldering Wall averaged 750 user hours per week.
- Judo Club hosted and won the Midwestern Intercollegiate Judo Championship.   351 people participated in a three-hour Top Rope Belaying Workshop and 43
    participated in a three-hour Lead Climbing and Belaying Workshop.
- Trap & Skeet Club earned honors at the ACUI National Clay Target    
  Championships and initiated improvements to their range. n Student Employment–Employed more than 450 students across six areas and
      paid out approximately $800,000 in student wages.
- Club Sports Council coordinated participation in the Polar Bear Plunge where    
clubs raised more than $3,500 to support the Special Olympics of Tippecanoe    


 Intramural Participations 2008-2013       Total RSC Utilizations 2008-2013  








Source: Division of Recreational Sports