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Office of the Dean of Students

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The Office of the Dean of Students provides services   STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS   outreach services to students, staff, faculty, and families.
and programs that enable and encourage students to         Services and programs such as the ODOS On-Call
achieve success in their intellectual and personal   Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) furthers   Crisis Response Team (OOT), Golden Taps, and QPR
development at Purdue and elsewhere. The office is   students’ intellectual, personal, and professional   Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training are also
organized into four distinct areas: Administration,   development through co-curricular programs, services,   facilitated by SAC staff members.
Counseling Services, Special Programs, and Student   and events that are intentionally designed to provide      
Activities and Organizations.   purposeful, challenging, experiential, and reflective   TESTING CENTER
      learning opportunities. SAO creates and models      
ADMINISTRATION   inclusive environments where students engage in   l The ODOS Testing Center supports student
      opportunities to integrate their in-class and out-of-class     success through the facilitation of career exploration
Administrative staff members in the Office of the Dean of   learning to enhance their leadership identity, community     inventories, advanced credit examinations, CLEP
Students (ODOS) focus on a variety of generalist and   involvement and commitment to social responsibility.     and Pearson VUE testing, and graduate school
administrative functions to support all ODOS initiatives,           admission activities.
programs, and services including but not limited to:   CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT      
assessment, strategic, and fiscal planning; the   (Home of the Boiler Volunteer Network)   SPAN PLAN
emergency loan program; readmission procedures;            
off-campus housing listings; the ODOS Ambassadors   Civic Engagement & Leadership Development designs   l Span Plan Adult Student Services is based on the
program; office personnel matters; clerical support   experiences that allow students to develop their civic and     belief that learning should be a lifelong endeavor.
services, and notary public services.   leadership identities. Viewing leadership from a social     The program provides an array of services that
      change perspective these experiences include courses,     positively impact the development and success of
l THE OFFICE OF STUDENT RIGHTS AND   Leadership Learning Community, retreats, and     each student. The array of services provided include
  RESPONSIBILITIES (OSRR) exists to promote   conferences. As home of the Boiler Volunteer Network,     an adult student orientation program; monthly
  responsibility and encourage honesty, integrity, and   the office promotes and facilitates the university’s     Lunchtime Learning Seminars; academic assistance
  respect among Purdue students through education,   engagement with the community. It provides students,     including free individual tutoring; academic, career,
  compliance with behavioral standards, and support of   student organizations, faculty, and staff with resources,     personal and professional development
  individual rights. Operating on the basic premise that a civil   programs, support, and guidance focusing on social     opportunities, as well as funding with need based
  environment is the best learning environment, the   change and personal development through community-     grants and academic scholarships.
  concepts promulgated by this office are meant to serve   based learning and service. The office sponsors      
  students while at Purdue and throughout their lives.   community action days, coordinates a student leadership   DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER
      team, and offers workshops and presentations. The      
l Horizons Student Support Services   office promotes community engagement, student   l DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER provides
      involvement and civic leadership and responsibility as an     academic adjustments and services for students
  The mission of Purdue University’s Horizons Student   integral part of the Purdue educational experience.     with documented disabilities. Eligibility for services
  Support Services is to retain and graduate its           is determined on a case-by-case basis and is based
  participants at the highest possible rate with the highest   STUDENT ASSISTANCE CENTER (SAC)     upon the student's functional limitations. Services
  possible grade point average. Horizons is a federally           offered by Disability Resource Center may include,
  funded TRiO program aimed at supporting income   The Student Assistance Center (SAC) serves as the     but are not limited to, alternative testing conditions
  eligible, first-generation and/or students with disabilities   portal through which students access the full array of     (extended time, distraction reduced environment,
  as they work towards a college degree. Horizons is   services offered by the University. Based on extensive     use of reader and/or scribe, etc.), access to
  designed to be a friendly and easily accessible hub of   expertise on student services and campus resources,     services, facilities and class information, document
  support. A diverse staff welcomes conversations with   SAC staff members provide intake, assessment, and     conversion, note taking, real time captioning and
  students about their interests, challenges, and   referral services for students via walk-in or scheduled     sign language interpreting. Academic services and
  successes. We aim to assist students in developing   visits. Additionally, SAC counselors provide supportive     resources are also available. The Disability
  academic, social, and personal skills that will contribute   counseling services, advise students on withdrawal and     Resource Center can convert print documents that
  to a well-rounded and successful educational   readmission policies, and administer the Emergency     students utilize in their coursework and academic
  experience.   Loan program.  The SAC also provides extensive     studies into alternate formats, including technical
              Braille, electronic text (e-text), and tactile diagrams.





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