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Board of Trustees

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Purdue University's Board of Trustees consists of ten   Current Board Members1 Term Expires
members appointed by the governor of Indiana. Three      
of these members - one of whom must be a graduate of the   Sonny Beck, Atlanta, Indiana June 30, 2016
College of Agriculture - are nominated by the Purdue Alumni   Michael R. Berghoff, Indianapolis, Indiana June 30, 2015
Association. The 1975 General Assembly provided for the tenth   JoAnn Brouillette, West Lafayette, Indiana June 30, 2015
member, a student. The Board select the president of the   Vanessa Castagna, Dallas, Texas June 30, 2015
University, decides major policy lines, approves the financial   John Hardin Jr., Danville, Illinois2 June 30, 2016
program and budget, approves the president's nominations for   Gary J. Lehman, Lafayette, Indiana June 30, 2014
major appointments, and approves all construction and major   Kelsey Quin, Peru, Indiana June 30, 2015
contracts.   Thomas E. Spurgeon, Peoria, Illinois2 chairman June 30, 2014
    Don Thompson, Chicago, Illinois June 30, 2016
    Bruce White, Chicago, Illinois June 30, 2014
    1As of July 2013.  
    2Selected by Purdue Alumni Association.  




Source: Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness