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Space Used by Academic-Administrative Departments1, 2

(for Fall Semester 2012-13)

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Major Room Type Assignable Percent    
Categories Square Feet of Total   Types of Rooms or Space Included (Excludes Space Under Construction)
100 Classrooms 287,674 4.8%   Classrooms and classroom service spaces
200 Teaching Labs 539,912 9.0%   Class laboratories and individual study laboratories
250 Research Labs 1,425,630 23.9%   Nonclass laboratories and research laboratory office areas
300 Offices 1,878,574 31.4%   Offices, conference rooms, interview rooms, and departmental commons spaces
400 Study 351,937 5.9%   Study rooms, carrel areas, open stack areas, and library processing spaces
500 Special Use 612,996 10.3%   Armory, athletic and ath. stg areas, tchg clinics, demonstration facil, field bldgs, animal qrtrs, and grnhses
600 General Use 218,691 3.7%   Assembly, exhibition, food service, day care, lounge, merchandise, recreation, and meeting room facilities
700 Support  518,682 8.7%   Central computing, shops, storage, vehicle storage, service, and hazardous materials storage facilities
800 Health Care 77,101 1.3%   Patient rooms, patient bath, surgery, treatment, diagnostic labs, cntrl supplies, public wtg, and on-call facilities
900 Residential 1,069 0.0%   Resident sleeping rooms, sleeping rooms with bath, common bath, guest rooms, apartments, and houses
000 Unclassified 61,460 1.0%   Space that is inactive, undergoing remodeling, or is unfinished
  Total 5,973,726 100.0%    
1By major room type categories.
2Does not include auxiliaries.



 Academic-Administrative Space by Major Room Type Category





Source: Space Management and Academic Scheduling