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Center for Career Opportunities

(for Academic Year 2012-13)

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The Center for Career Opportunities prepares Purdue University students and Recruitment
graduates to launch successful careers by providing career development and job
search services utilizing connections with employers and organizations in Indiana and
With 1,354 unique employers visiting campus in 2012-13 to recruit Purdue students, the
job market for intern candidates and graduates continues on a positive trajectory.  With
the CCO already recognized by its peers for hosting one of the highest volume
employer recruitment programs in the country, the Center’s program expanded further
with a 35% increase in the number of employers conducting formal interviews. A more
modest 8% increase in the number of interviews conducted confirmed the recent trend
of greater interview selectivity by students and higher intern to full-time hire conversion
rates among employers.
The CCO undertakes a post-graduate data collection strategy in support of Purdue
University - West Lafayette’s overarching outcomes-based initiative  This first
destination survey identifies baccalaureate and professional school degree recipients
still seeking employment or further study. The survey also reports results from those
who accepted relevant employment, accepted further study, or those confirming
success in other endeavors such as post-graduate internships and service programs. 
Based on a 90% response rate among May 2012 graduates, the percentage of
graduates still seeking employment at the six month post-graduation juncture dropped
0.5% from the previous year.  This 8.3% figure compares favorably to the 10.6% of
Purdue’s May graduates that were seeking employment in 2009-10 when the job
market for students and new graduates bottomed out in a struggling economy.
Campus Outreach
An impressive number of Purdue students and graduates continue to avail themselves
of the CCO’s services and resources.  Individual assistance is provided through
prescheduled career consultations, walk-in/drop-in services and on-line advising.
Workshops that cover a number of career and job search-related topics are held in
campus locations including classrooms, residence halls, Greek houses, cooperative
houses and at student organization meetings. Those who register on-line through the
MyCCO system avail themselves of a robust delivery of resources including campus
recruitment participation, a sophisticated practice interviewing program, comprehensive
industry/employer information databases, and on-line job search video streaming.



 Source: Center for Career Opportunities