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Additional Facts and Figures
Center for Career Opportunities - West Lafayette Campus
(for Academic Year 2008-09)
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The Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities aspires to be a national leader through establishing new synergies, providing outstanding career development services, and using state of the art technology and facilities to empower students and graduates to make informed choices that lead to life-long career fulfillment and contribution in a global society.


The Center for Career Opportunities prepares Purdue University students and graduates to launch successful careers by providing career development and job search services utilizing connections with employers and organizations in Indiana and beyond.


In this decade, the impact of economic conditions on graduate and intern recruitment in the Center for Career Opportunities is reflected in the graph below.  Following a robust year of employer recruitment in 2000-01, the economy faltered as a result of the bust and the tragic events of September 11, 2001. As the economy steadily improved through the middle of the decade, the number of employers recruiting in the CCO increased, as did the number of interviews conducted. These numbers slightly softened in 2007-08 due in large part to greater student selectivity. The decreases represented in 2008-09 in both the number of employers and the number of interviews has been a direct result of economic conditions.



The percentages recorded in the chart below are self-reported by baccalaureate/professional school degree recipients from the West Lafayette campus and represent data collection that begins in March (prior to May graduation) and runs through the following February. The Commitment Rate (a.k.a. Placement Rate) indicated at the top of each measurement bar represents the percentage of graduates that have accepted employment, committed to further study or confirmed an alternative plan. The alternative plan includes graduates accepting post-graduate internships or volunteer opportunities with organizations such as the Peace Corps or Teach for America.  See ttps:// for details.


‎Student Contact

The Center for Career Opportunities recorded 36,096 face-to-face student/graduate contacts during the 2008-09 academic year. When combined with the number of registrants and user data for selected on-line systems, this number totals 65,361. The breakdown of this information, along with the percentage comparison to the previous year’s totals, is listed below:

  • Participants in outreach presentations/workshops 26,258 (+17%)
  • Pre-scheduled and walk-in student appointments 9,838 (+10%)
  • CCO Express (on-line recruitment system) registrants 24,236 (+15%)
  • Mock interviews/on-line sessions completed 640 (+24%)
  • On-line career assessment sessions 1,828 (+83%)
  • Viewing of our on-line job search-related videos 2,561 (-7%)

Source: Center for Career Opportunities