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Instruction and Student Life
Distance Learning - West Lafayette Campus
(for Academic Year 2007-08)
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Purdue defines distance learning as a structured learning process by which a student is physically removed from both the instructor and the instructional setting associated with the campus, but has the opportunity to interact with the instructor or other students in educational activities. At Purdue, learners participate in degree programs, individual courses, and noncredit programs through distance learning.

Degrees offered by distance learning allow working professionals to pursue an advanced degree while continuing in their careers. Thousands of students take advantage of distance learning to broaden their educational horizons or to keep on pace to graduate. Because of Purdue's participation in the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education (IPSE), Purdue students can earn Purdue credit by taking equivalent distance learning courses from other Indiana institutions or by taking Purdue-originated distance learning courses.

    Courses Enrollments Graduates
Distance Learning Programs are delivered entirely through distance learning technology and do not require traditional classroom work or campus residency. Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology 153 1,635 5

Master of Science in Engineering
   Degrees in aero/astronautical, electrical/
   computer, industrial, mechanical, and interdisciplinary

74 880 96
Doctor of Pharmacy
   Offered in US and United Arab Emirates
15 185 21

"Blended" Distance Learning Programs are enabled by distance learning but involve some traditional classroom instruction on campus or elsewhere. Master of Business Administration
   Traditional executive MBA and international
48 1,480 108
Master of Science in Technology 24 528 18
Master of Science in Technology - Building Construction
   Management Technology
9 165 5
Master of Science in Food and Agribusiness Management
   Articulates with IU's Kelley School of Business MBA
7 138 19
Doctor of Education
   Concentration in Educational Leadership
19 202 4
Total distance learning degree program participation 349 5,213 276

Students' Participation in Distance Learning Courses Purdue-originated courses 83 2,608 n/a
Courses offered by other institutions 316 4,069 n/a
Total IPSE participation 399 6,677 n/a

Purdue Participation in Distance Learning Degree-related 349 5,213 276
IPSE-related 399 6,677 n/a
Other distance learning credit courses 3 85 n/a
Noncredit distance learning 152 16,133 n/a
Total participation in distance learning 903 28,108 276

Source: Office for Continuing Education and Conferences

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