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Additional Facts and Figures
Center for Career Opportunities - West Lafayette Campus
(for Academic Year 2007-08)
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As an essential component of Purdue University's educational mission, the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) will provide preeminent career development support and job search services to students and graduates.


The Center for Career Opportunities engages Purdue University students and alumni in exploring career options and developing effective job search skills. The CCO facilitates activities that connect students and alumni with employers and develops partnerships with Purdue colleges, schools, and other stakeholders to deliver career services.


For the first time since the 2003-04 recruitment season, the number of unique employers interviewing through the Center for Career Opportunities and the number of interviews conducted decreased from the previous year.  In a few cases, companies reported less recruitment activity because of a softening economy.  However, student selectivity was the primary reason for decrease of 9% in interviews and 6% in the number of unique employers conducting these interviews. Recruitment activities involving students in selected majors were so numerous that many students elected to limit the number of companies with which they would interview. Subsequently, dozens of companies were not able to generate sufficient interest among targeted students to justify campus interviewing visits.



‎The Center for Career Opportunities coordinates teh annual post-gradaute survey for the Purdue University West Lafayette campus. The charts below provide a percentage breadkwon of baccalaureate and professional school degree recipients based on the 2005-2007 May graduation classes.

The post-graduate survey results are self-reported by students and reprsent data collection that begins in March (prior to graduation) and runs through the following February. The Commitment Rate, also known as a Placement Rate, represents the percentage of graduates who have accepted employment, committed to further study in a degree program, or confirmed an alternative plan. The alternative plan or the "Other" category includes graduates who have accepted post-graduate internships or accepted volunteer opportunities with organizations such as thePeace corps or Teach for America.

The response rate is teh percentage of survey respondents among all BA, BS, and professional degree recipients representing the May graduating classes. A small percentage of studens are working but do not consider themselves gainfully employed in a position representative of their degree. In those cases, their their responses are typically included in the "Seeking Work" category.


View the entire report at https://www.cco.purdue.edu/About/PostGradData.shtml .

Source: Center for Career Opportunities


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