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Additional Facts and Figures
Housing and Food Services - West Lafayette Campus

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  • Purdue's Housing operation is the largest in the country and the largest in the U.S. with no live-in requirement for any level of student.  About 31% of the student body lives in the 14 housing units.  Spring semester GPA for undergraduate students in residence halls and graduate houses was higher than all off-campus students, class by class.

  • University Residences Dining Services was named "Best in Show" by Food Management Magazine in their 2006 Best Concepts Awards. These awards recognize excellence and innovation in noncommercial dining services around the country, with multiple winners in various categories, such as best menus, best renovations, best service concepts, and best special events.  Purdue was recognized for excellence across all categories through the one "Best in Show" award that the magazine gives annually.

  • The Faculty Fellow program, one of the largest faculty involvement programs in the country, involves 139 faculty and staff volunteers in the undergraduate residence halls.

  • Over 10,000 residential life programs were offered to University Residences students during the academic year 2006-07.

  • The Residence Hall Association has 33 elected hall officers serving as a liaison between students and administrators.

  • Twelve halls have an independent student organization with an annual budget in excess of $25,000.  The clubs provide recreational, academic, and athletic program activities within each hall.

  • With 6,025 seats, Elliott Hall of Music is one of the largest proscenium theaters in the world.

  • Hall of Music Productions received three Silver Addy Awards this past year from the North Central Ad Federation for its work for Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics.

  • In collaboration with IDIS-Film and Video Studies in the College of Liberal Arts, the Hall of Music Productions teaches four courses in video production during the academic year.

  • The Union Club Hotel, with 192 rooms, is the largest hotel in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area and has been in continuous operation since 1929. In the past year, 42,177 room nights were occupied in the hotel.

  • The retail food service venues in the Purdue Memorial Union served 345,073 customers.  The Union also runs 7 satellite food service operations in different buildings around campus.  The satellite operations served a total of 241,550 customers.

  • Purdue Memorial Union and Stewart Center hosted 16,710 events consisting of student organization meetings, conferences, community events, academic and administration sessions, and wedding receptions.  The Catering and Events department catered to 2,127 events within the Union and Stewart Center, and 3,865 events across the Purdue University campus.  The department employs over 150 students, offers 2 for-credit internships, and acts as an advanced service practicum for HTM students.

  • In the past academic year, the Purdue Student Union Board sponsored 98 events with over 167 individual activities, and over 42,066 in attendance.

  • The PMU Recreation Center had 98,000 games of bowling and over 10,400 hours of billiards played.

  • Food Stores provides a unique environment for training and outreach relating to the food industry. Programs were presented to peers, collegiate food service interns, students studying refrigeration engineering, and high school students participating in agriculture extension programs.

  • HFS Marketing completed over 700 projects for division wide clients; highlights include launching a new Web site for the Purdue Memorial Union, engaging students through a marketing advisory board, and working collaboratively with academic areas to create original television content for air on Boiler Television. 

Source: Housing and Food Services Business Office


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