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Additional Facts and Figures
Statewide Technology

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map of the state of indiana.Organization

  • Statewide Technology is an administrative structure to deliver Purdue University College of Technology courses and degree programs to strategic locations around the state of Indiana. This program serves 1,358 students at ten locations. Approximately 64 percent are part-time.
  • Master agreements are in place with Indiana University, Ball State University, Anderson University, and IUPUI.
  • Purdue University offers technical courses and host institution delivers general education courses.
  • Students enroll as Purdue University students and earn Purdue degrees.
  • Operates as academic outreach of West Lafayette departments.

Degrees offered:

Associate of Science

  • Aviation Administration Technology
  • Computer Graphics Technology
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Organizational Leadership and Supervision 

Bachelor of Science

  • Aeronautical Technology
  • Aviation Administration Technology
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Cumulative Degrees Awarded

  • 2,556 AS degrees
  • 753 BS degrees
Enrollment for Fall 2006-07
College of Technology at: Headcount FTE
Anderson/Muncie 112 55
Columbus/Greensburg 234 120
Indianapolis 81 51


223 154
Lafayette 222 98
New Albany 164 110
Richmond 133 75
South Bend/Elkhart 189 117
1,358 780
Note: Full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment is calculated by dividing total credit hours by 15.

Staffing for Fall 2006-07
Program delivered by:

  • 46 Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty
  • 62 Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Lecturers, and Post-Docs
  • 4 Administrative Staff
  • 16 Professional Staff
  • 14 Clerical Staff
  • 5 Service Staff

Source: Statewide Technology Office


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