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Additional Facts and Figures
Center for Career Opportunities - West Lafayette Campus
(for Academic Year 2005-06)
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As an essential component of Purdue University's educational mission, the Center for Career Opportunities will provide preeminent career development support and job search services to students and graduates.


The Center for Career Opportunities engages Purdue University students and alumni in exploring career options and developing effective job search skills. The CCO facilitates activities that connect students and alumni with employers and develops partnerships with Purdue colleges, schools, and other stakeholders to deliver career services.


Campus interviewing activity in the CCO reflects a robust job market for Purdue graduates. For three straight years, there has been an annual increase in the number of employers participating in the interviewing program and the number of interviews conducted. The disparity in the percentage of increases when comparing the two measures underscores the competition for graduates.


Campus Interviewing Five-Year Trend
Impact of Recession on Campus Interviewing


Purdue University graduates have a high degree of success in transitioning from the West Lafayette campus to the world of work or to further study. As indicated on the table below, 94% of baccalaureate graduates from the May 2005 graduation class confirmed their first destination career plans by self-reporting that they accepted employment (72%), accepted further study (20%), or made other career plans (2%) that included volunteer work and post-graduate internships. Notably, among the 5% of baccalaureate respondents indicating that they were still seeking employment, a number of them shared that they were actually employed, but not in positions deemed relevant to their degree program.

College/School Accepted
Other Total
Unable to

Baccalaureate Degree              
  Agriculture 210 53 13 1 8 285 6
  Consumer & Family Sci 201 24 11 2 8 246 42
  Education 106 1 11     118 24
  Engineering 516 152 14 4 14 700 117
  Liberal Arts 369 196 47 14 23 649 141
  Management 311 36 14   7 368 61
  Pharmacy/Nursing/Health Sci 94 54 2   1 151 7
  Science 133 96 17 8 3 257 48
  Technology 451 38 34 1 5 529 55

Professional Degree              
  Veterinary Medicine 43       1 44 18
  Pharmacy D 166       1 167 2

Total 2,600 650 163 30 71 3,514 521

 When breaking down the baccalaureate graduates reporting by college or school, all rates of those confirming first destination career plans (commonly referred to as a Placement Rate) was at least 90% with graduates from the majority of colleges and schools confirming a rate at 95% or more. The respondents with professional degrees from the Schools of Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine confirmed a 100% rate. This table represents data collection that took place from March 2005 to February 2006 and is based on an overall response rate of approximately 87%.

Source: Center for Career Opportunities


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