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System-wide Fast Facts*

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Martin C. Jischke  
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools  
Headcount Enrollment Fall 2005
Calumet 9,302  
Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne (IPFW) 11,795  
IUPUI - Purdue 4,232  
North Central 3,519  
West Lafayette 38,712  
Continuing Education 22  
Statewide Technology 1,419  

Degrees Awarded in Academic Year 2004-05

Associate 2,032  
Baccalaureate 8,755  
Master's 2,111 **
Doctorate 525  
Professional 239  
2004 Baccalaureate Graduates Remaining in Indiana
One Year After Graduation
All Graduates 64.1%  
Indiana Residents 85.1%  

Faculty and Staff Headcount Fall 2005

Faculty and Lecturers 4,254  
Adjunct Faculty 475  
Administrative and Professional Staff 4,134  
Clerical and Service Staff 4,579  
Extension Educators 272  
Graduate Student Staff 4,678  
Budgeted Revenues for 2005-06 (in millions)
Student Fees $487.9  
State Appropriations 358.1  
Federal Appropriations 14.7  
Gifts, Grants, and Contracts 233.6  
Auxiliary Enterprises 221.9  
Student Aid 135.5  
Facilities and Administrative Recovery 37.4  
Interest and Other Revenue 34.7  
Other Restructured Income 111.0  
Sponsored Funding Awarded in 2004-05 (in millions) $294.3  
University Lands (in acres) 18,431  


System-wide Student Profile Fall 2005-06
System-wide Student Profile Fall 2004-05
System-wide Faculty Profile Fall 2005-06
System-wide Faculty Profile Fall 2003-04
System-wide Staff Profile Fall 2005-06***
System-wide Staff Profile Fall 2004-05

*System-wide data includes enrollment figures for Calumet, Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne, North Central, West Lafayette, Statewide Technology, Continuing Education, and Purdue schools at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis. System-wide data does not include faculty and staff figures for Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis.
**Educational Specialist degrees are included with the Master's degrees.
***Does not include Graduate Student Staff.

Source: Office of Institutional Research


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