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Additional Facts and Figures
Center for Career Opportunities
(for Academic Year 2004-05)

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The Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) is committed to:

  • Engaging students and alumni in discovering career options, learning useful job search skills and strategies, gaining relevant work experience, and implementing sound career decisions.

  • Continuing to forge partnerships with employers and manage activities that connect students and alumni with employers while promoting the highest ethical standards of recruitment practice.


The five-year trend of campus interviewing activity indicated below, with each organization counted once per year, reflects the impact of the economy. Since 2002-03, a modest but steady increase has occurred in both employer participation and interviews conducted. In 2004-05, an increase of 15.4% in the number of organizations conducting interviews and a 17.1% increase in the number of interviews conducted was accomplished over the previous year. The increase in the number of interviews conducted is particularly significant given that these numbers were flat when comparing them to 2002-03. This figure indicates that employers are not only coming to campus in greater numbers, but they are also significantly stepping up their recruitment activity.

Campus Interviewing Five-Year Trend
Impact of Recession on Campus Interviewing

When considering semester patterns of organizations visiting the CCO to interview students, differences reflecting the economic climate are indicated below. There is close to an even split in the recruitment activity that took place in 1996-97 and 2004-05. In both cases, there is slightly greater recruitment activity during the fall semester. However, during a very robost job market in 2000-01, many more employers (nearly 60%) recruited during the fall semester in order to be competitive for our top graduates. If the economy continues to improve, a greater differential between fall and spring recruitment activity is likely to occur.

Recruiting Organizations Per Semester
Recruiting Organizations Per Semester


Of the 21,258 that were registered with the Center for Career Opportunities, 7,607 registrants represented in the "undergraduates" section avail themselves of the CCO's services in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior years of study. These services include career counseling, career assessment testing, videotaped mock interviews, and job search clinics. The section entitled "graduating students" includes gratuate and professional school students as well as graduating seniors. A total of 8,518 registrants are Purdue alumni. Many graduates continue to connect with their alma mater and value the job search services and resources that Purdue University offers them through the CCO.

Students Registered with Center for Career Opportunities as of April 2005
Students Registered with Center for Career Opportunities as of April 2005

Source: Center for Career Opportunities


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