The main objective of the CryoVR project is to develop a training platform for Cryo-EM.

Our goal is to create a series of training modules to help guide users through how to operate instruments and do experiments included in the cryo-EM pipeline.  Below are the three main steps in the cryo-EM pipeline and our planned/working CryoVR tutorials. Within  these three categories, there are various tasks and specialized  instruments that can be used. With each training module we develop, we expect to have a self-guided training mode where new users can be clearly directed and taught how to operate the instruments. Additionally, an evaluation tool can be used to assess the user’s performance. As a whole, our training module will be designed as a way to train new cryo-EM users without the need of additional guidance. Realistically, we do expect users will need to have more real, hands-on training, however, we anticipate our CryoVR training modules will help make cryo-EM training more efficient.

Read below each of the pipeline steps to learn more about our current/future CryoVR modules.

CryoVR training modules to learn more about cryo-EM sample freezing:

At the beginning of our project, we decided to start by simulating a commonly used instrument, the Gatan CP3, used for vitrification of cryo-EM  samples. The use of this instrument requires a lot of hands-on operation and many auxiliary pieces. We have currently developed a self-guided Gatan CP3 training module. We are adding the finishing touches and the last piece remaining to develop is the addition of the evaluation.

  • The Thermofisher Mark IV Vitrobot training module

We have very recently started developing a second, cryo-EM vitrification tool called the Thermofisher Mark IV Vitrobot. We have completed most of the modeling, and the self-guided training mode is still in the works.

CryoVR training modules to learn more about cryo-EM data collection:

  • Thermofisher Talos cold side-entry holder training module
  • Side-entry holder vacuum pump storage training module
  • Thermofisher Titan Krios cassette loading training module

CryoVR training modules to learn more about cryo-EM image processing:

  • Virtual, self-guided image processing cryo-EM image processing module

Check out some of our Youtube videos through the Purdue Cryo-EM Facility Channel