Download CryoVR executable file Now!






System Requirement

This version runs in Windows.


This version only supports HTC vive currently.


1.Download and install Steam
Download link:

2.Install SteamVR
Open Steam and look under Library > VR > Steam VR
Steam VR quick start

3.Hardware Setup
Connect HTC VIVE or VIVE Pro correctly, double-click on the SteamVR option in the Tools menu to launch the SteamVR tools as shown in the image below.

4.Download our zip file and unzip it to any location
Open SteamVR before clicking the CryoVR.exe file to start the demo as shown in the image below.
When the demo is running, wear your goggle and use the controllers to interact with the scene. Follow the descriptions from the wall to perform the whole procedure; If you want to exit the demo, press ALT + F4 as a shortcut.

5.Any question or feedback?
Contact us at: victorchen@purdue dot edu