Summer Institute

Since 2004, Renmin University and Purdue University have organized Summer Institutes on Social Scientific Study of Religion in China for seven years. They received fully supports from universities, research institutes, and research foundations around worlds. The summer institute has become a vital platform in promoting social scientific study of religion in China, and enhancing the academic and cultural exchange between China and other countries in the world.

Two well known scholars in the field of sociology of religion from the U.S., and Britain were invited to give lectures at the summer institute every year. Among them, five scholars have been the presidents of SSSR or ASR. They represent the top level research on contemporary social scientific study of religion in the world.

The Summer Institute is not only free to the participants, but also provides scholarship to those who completed two-week courses. Over 400 people have graduated from Summer Institutes, and become the driven force in promoting the study of religion in China. Some graduates received financial support to do research as visiting scholars or post-docs in the U.S.