A Symposium about Images of China

ImageofChinaPurdue Global China Forum: A Symposium about Images of China was held at Purdue University on October 7-8, 2009.
This event was co-sponsored by Center on Religion and Chinese Society, Confusius Institute, Indiana Center for Cultural Exchange, China Center, Religious Studies and Asian Studies Program at Purdue University, and Office of Research and Professional Development, Purdue University Calumet.

Victor Lechtenberg, Vice Provost for Engagement at Purdue University and Ping Huang, Consul General of Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, Chicago gave opening remarks.
The two-day symposium consisted of two keynote presentations and three panel sessions.
The keynote speakers were David Lampton of Johns Hopkins University and John Berthrong of Boston University.
David Lampton, a leading China expert gave his keynote speech on “Thinking about Chinese Power and What It Means for the World”. Dr. Lampton examined the three faces of Chinese power: might, money, and minds both within China and in the global world. He stated that the current strategy of Beijing government is to focus on economic and intellectual power, to move up the value-added chain in the global economy, and it is this ambition and these growing capabilities that constitute the Chinese challenge in the 21st century.
John Berthrong, one of the Boston Confucians, gave a talk on “Chinese New Confucianism and its American Future”. He believes Confucianism will be a part of America’s future because it will provide a moral common ground for our religiously diverse society, and because it will be an important tool for solving the problems facing America.
About 60 people attended two-day keynote presentations.
The three panel sessions include “Politics and Economy”, “Environment and Health” and “Religion and Culture” in China. The presenters were professors from different departments at Purdue University, including Holly Wang of Agricultural Economics, Greg Hundley of Management, George Hong of Purdue University at Calumet, Guofan Shao of Forestry and Natural Resources, Sandra Liu of Consumer Sciences and Retailing, Howard Sypher of Communication, Don Mitchell of Philosophy, and Fenggang Yang of Sociology.