Conference on Changing Religious Landscape in Contemporary East Asia

Awarded Papers

17 young scholars received prize awards for their papers and presented in the conference on “Changing Religious Landscape in Contemporary East Asia”.

Grand Prize:

  • Benefits and Politics: The Reason of City A and City B’s Christian triple markets’ transformation
    LI Hui (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  • The Jesus Movement from Rural to Urban: The House Church’s Order Changes and State Control on Northern Jiangsu Zhuo City
    XIAO Yunze (East China Normal University)

  • The Cross nearby the Mountain God: A Case Study of Christian Community in village L of Kansu-Tibetan Border, China
    YAN Xueqin (Xinjiang Normal University)

Second Prize:

  • ‘Tricolor market’ in Yunnan Ethnic Minorities of China: A Case Study of Christian living Condition in Honghe Hani
    JIANG Shen (Yunnan Minzu University)

  • When the ‘state’ appropriates ‘society’: The Public Representation of Christianity and the Remaking of the Miao
    KONG Deji (Chinese Agricultural University

  • Official Church and ‘Private Temple’:A City Village Belief Landscape
    LIU Dawei (East China Normal University)

  • A Dilemma between God’s Will and Governing Authorities: the Fertility Desires and behaviors of Chinese Christians: Based on the Case of Church G
    WANG Ling (China Business News)

  • Strategy Choices and Organization Structure of Localized Christian Sect in Mainland: Based on the Research on the ‘Disciple Society’
    XIE Ying (Guangzhou University), YUAN Hao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Between the Sacred and the Secular: The Religious Economic Practice of Daoshi (Taoist Master) in Zhanjiang
    YAN Jun and LIN Weizhi (Shanghai University)

  • Interests Relationship and Belief Conflict: A Study of a Seaside Church in a Town, Zhejiang Province
    ZHAO Cuicui (East China Normal University)

Third Prize:

  • Modernized Individuals in Imaginary Communities: An Anthropological Study of Artist Churches in Songzhuang, Beijing
    HU Mengyin (East China Normal University)

  • The Online Religious Communities under Restriction in a WeChat Age: From Public Account to Mega-Group
    LIU Yan (The Catholic University of America)

  • The Role and Position of Popular Religion in Contemporary Chinese Social Transformation: A Case Study of Ancestor Worship in a Huizhou Rural Community
    WANG Qiyong (Peking University)

  • The Transformation of Migrant Workers’ Church in the Process of Contemporary China’s Urbanization: Case Study of “Mount of Olive Church” in Beijing
    YUAN Hao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  • Demand of Faith, Institutional Constraints and the Niches Choice of a China New City Christian Group
    ZHANG Zhipeng (Anhui University of Technology)

  • ‘Three Heads Snake’ (Multiple Practice of Local Religion): The Faith of the God of Wealth in County Y and the Picture of Rural Public Life
    ZHAO Hao (Southeast University

  • Religious Regulation and Churches Responses: A Case Study on the Anti-demolition Action of Christianity in Wenzhou
    ZHU Jianzhong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)