2005 Conference

Religion and Ethnicity

The Second Conference of the Social Scientific Study of Religion in China


In conjunction with the Summer Institute 2005, the Second International Conference for the Social Scientific Study of Religion was held on July 25-27, 2005 at Yunnan Nationalities University, Kunming. The theme of the conference was on “Religion and Ethnicity.” About 30 established scholars or advanced graduate students in China and the United States submitted papers and made presentations. The President and the Party Secretary of the Yunnan Nationalities University, leaders of the Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, and officials of the Yunnan Religious Affairs Bureau participated in the conference. Conference participants also visited churches, temples, the Yunnan Buddhist Academy, and some ethnic minority communities.


2005 Conference Papers

赵星光 都会地区组群的宗教变迁研究 东海大学宗教研究所
高登荣 时空制度与文化变迁 – 云南坎村彝族考察 云南民族大学人文学院
宫哲兵 文化探险:寻找巴人发源地 武汉大学宗教学系
刘海涛 基督教与中国民间宗教的互动与影响 中央民族大学哲学与宗教学系
杨福泉 纳西族东巴教的多元宗教因素论 云南民族大学人文学院
张金鹏 我国民族聚居区社会文化特征分析
韩军学 基督教与少数民族社会文化研究纲要 云南省社会科学院宗教研究所
李向平 宗教社会性及其表达—中国宗教社会学的基本理论问题 上海大学
赵晋 昆明官渡古镇宗教状况调查 云南民族大学人文学院
张桥贵 云南跨境民族中的宗教渗透与反渗透研究 云南民族大学
何其敏 和谐社会的建构与社会科学的视野 中央民族大学哲学与宗教学系
杨凤岗 中国的市场经济转型中的基督徒伦理 Purdue University
J. Gordon Melton African American Methodism in the M. E. Tradition: the case of Sharp Street
Rodger Finke Explaining Morality: the Influence of National Religious Context
Donald S. Sutton Pilgrimage, Tourism and Ethnicity in the Tibetan Borderland: Contesting through Mythic Narrative Carnegie Mellon University