Holy Faith and Family Routines

The Integration of Religion into Local Society

Xianghui Liao
September 21, 2018

This study takes churches, houses, and behaviors of Chinese Catholics as research points. Through observation, interviews, and surveys, it richly describes the religious life of Catholics in the Chengdu Plain. This analysis suggests that family is the social foundation that allows Catholicism to integrate into the local society, and that such integration is primarily displayed in three aspects of life: the transformation of housing, transformation of family, and transformation of social interactions.

Liao, Xianghui is associate professor of public management and sociology of religion at North Sichuan Medical University. Her primary research interest focuses on the governance of religion, government and society. Her most recent book, Searching for the Starting Point of Civilization Fusion, uses innovative approaches to uncover the non-traditional ways that religion smoothly integrates local society.