The 1911 Revolution through Missionaries’ Eyes

Jing Wang
April 20, 2018

As the famous missionary historian K. S. Latourette once emphasized the missionaries’ role in writing Chinese history was as leader, interpreter and recorder. As we know the missionaries dedicated themselves to introducing Western civilization, especially Christianity, to China, and meanwhile also interpreted China to the West. About the 1911 Revolution, missionaries made various materials about 1911 Revolution, including their books, letters, diaries, articles in church magazines, reports to mission board. All these materials are very precious to study 1911 Revolution, but have not been fully utilized. This research attempts to make use of these materials to see missionaries’ experiences in the Revolution, their interpretation of the Revolution and its far-reaching effect.
Wang Jing graduated with doctoral degree from Central China Normal University in 2012. She works at China University Political Science and Law. She studies Sino-western cultural exchange in modern time and history of Christianity in modern China. She has some research projects, and published several papers both in English and Chinese.