Student Concert Committee (SCC) has 16 student members that have been selected through an application and interview process to advise Purdue Convocations about popular entertainment selections for Purdue students on the West Lafayette campus. Student members experience the equivalent of an internship in the entertainment industry. In addition to weekly meetings, SCC members work on-sale days for SCC shows, are highly involved in publicity and promotional duties for their events, and work backstage day-of-show. Each year, the committee selects eight new members to replace outgoing members who have completed a two-year term. After a one-year general membership, the students are expected to take a leadership and mentoring role on the committee.

Fall 2017 SCC Callout

Wednesday, August 30 / 7PM / Fowler Hall (inside STEW)

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Advisor:Mike Armintrout

Questions? Call 765-494-9712 for more information.

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