Scene from ArcAttackEnergy and Electricity

Presented by ArcAttack

A Lecture/Demonstration for Grades 5-8 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Loeb Playhouse/Stewart Center/ Purdue University
Performance times: 10 AM and 1 PM
Performance length: 60 minutes
Cost per student: $6


Famous for their appearance on America’s Got Talent, ArcAttack plays rock and roll music while creating lightning with a Tesla coil! In an electrifying show unlike anything students have ever seen, ArcAttack will take students on an interactive journey of discovery where they will learn the science behind the amazing show they see on stage. Each member of ArcAttack has a deep and thorough knowledge of science and technology.

The ensemble–led by an engineer, an electrician, an audio engineer, and a science teacher–creates everything students see on stage from scratch in the ArcAttack workshop. The material is presented in a completely accessible and interactive manner that’s guaranteed to keep students talking well beyond the end of the show!


Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) standards related to energy, electricity, and matter.

ArcAttack Study Guide SOLD OUT 10 AM Performance Reserve 1 PM Performance Parent Note 10:00 AM Parent Note 1:00 PM

 Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live Erth's DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE™ on stageErth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE

A theatrical performance for Grades K-4

Presented by Erth Visual & Physical from Sydney, Australia

Monday, January 30, 2017

Loeb Playhouse/Stewart Center/Purdue University
Performance times: 10 AM and 1 PM
Performance length: 60 minutes
Cost per student: $6


Get ready for the ultimate playdate – 65 million years in the making – as Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE™ guides your family on a breathtaking tour that begins in pre-historic Australia.

You’ll observe, meet and interact with an eye-popping collection of amazingly life-like dinosaurs and other creatures presented in a theatrical performance that will thrill and entertain kids while stimulating their imaginations in ways that will forever connect them to their world.

Brought to life by a team of skilled performers and puppeteers, and designed with the help of professional paleontologists, Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE’s™ puppets are so extraordinarily realistic you may feel the urge to run and hide – but don’t! Because you won’t want to miss a minute of this fun, unique, entertaining and educational live show.

While it may indeed have been 65 million years in the making, we think you’ll agree, it’s well worth the wait.


World history, dinosaurs, Australia

Dinosaur Zoo LIVE website Study Guide Activity Sheet SOLD OUT 10 AM Performance Reserve 1 PM Performance

Pete the Cat by Theatreworks USAPETE THE CAT

A Musical Theatre Performance for Grades K-3

Presented by TheatreworksUSA

Monday, February 27, 2017
Loeb Playhouse/Stewart Center/Purdue University
Performance times: 10 AM and 1 PM
Performance length: approximately 60 minutes

Cost per student: $6


When Pete the Cat gets caught rocking out after bedtime, the cat-catcher sends him to live with the Biddle family to learn his manners – and boy are they square! But for the groovy blue cat, life is an adventure no matter where you wind up, so the minute Pete walks in the door, he gets the whole family rocking. The whole family, that is, except for young Jimmy Biddle, the most organized second grader on planet earth.

As the end of second grade approaches, Jimmy has a lot of tests, and the last thing he needs is some groovy cat in his life, changing his family and turning everything upside down. But when Jimmy draws a blank in art class during the last week of school, it turns out Pete is the perfect friend to help him out. Together, they set out on a mission to help Jimmy conquer second grade art, and along the way, they both learn a little something new about inspiration.

Join Jimmy and Pete on an adventure of friendship, all the way to Paris and back in a VW Bus.


Communication and Language Arts, Literature Based, Music, Relationships and Family

Pete the Cat website Study Guide  SOLD OUT 10 AM Performance SOLD OUT Reserve 1 PM Performance




Date and Time by Request Below
Theatrical Presentations for Grades 3-5
Presented by Doyne Carson

In-school residency performances. A limited number of each performance is available to area schools through funding from the Purdue Convocations Bill Edward Wilburn Endowment in celebration of our state’s 200th birthday!

Performance time arranged with artist through Purdue Convocations
Maximum 60 students per performance
Each performance length: 50 minutes


Theatre, English and Language Arts, Social Studies, Indiana History


Doyne Carson: StorytellerIn this exciting dramatic presentation, students are transported through time to meet Abigail Gollaher, a childhood friend of Abraham Lincoln. Abigail recounts the childhood adventures of her brother, Austin, and his best friend, Abe. Each story is based on actual events from the life of Abraham Lincoln. Through these stories, students come to know the one-of-a-kind personality and humor of Abraham Lincoln. As Abigail states, “Behind every man is the boy he used to be.” Your students will see how childhood events shaped and strengthened the character of our nation’s 16th President. This is an opportunity to know the boy behind the man who led the United States away from slavery and toward unity.

Study Guide Request Abe Lincoln Performance

Hurrah for Hoosiers!

There are famous Hoosiers; and there are Hoosiers that are not so famous but who made significant contributions to Indiana, the United States and the world! Doyne offers a variety of short biographical sketches on Hoosiers you may or may not know that made major contributions. Children will have a chance to participate in the storytelling through live action and a drawn story.

Study Guide Request Hoosiers Performance


Purdue Convocations education events and scholarship opportunities are made possible with support from:Wilson, Purdue Federal Credit Union, Guido Family Dentistry, The Farmers State Bank


These matinees give area schoolchildren the opportunity to attend a performing-arts presentation in a theater and, for many students, serve as an introduction to live performance. Featured performances for the 2016-17 season include Energy and Electricity presented by ArcAttack, Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVEPete the Cat, and Indiana Bicentennial Programs presented by storyteller Doyne Carson.


Some artists bring their talents directly to local schools. These performances or master classes help us reach many additional area students through the arts—allowing them to ask questions of the artists and get to know them as people as well as performers.


Purdue Convocations wants to ensure that every student has access to performing-arts events. Our scholarship program helps remove economic barriers that prevent students from attending Convocations events by providing scholarships that subsidize tickets and transportation to student matinees and placing artist residencies in schools with demonstrated economic need.


Arts Integration is an APPROACH to TEACHING in which students construct and demonstrate UNDERSTANDING through an ART FORM. Students engage in a CREATIVE PROCESS which CONNECTS an art form and another subject area and meets EVOLVING OBJECTIVES in both.In 2007 Purdue Convocations and Lafayette School Corporation became members of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education program. The program focuses on presenting high quality professional development using the arts for area teachers. Our team has presented a series of workshops to introduce an approach to teaching that incorporates the arts across the curriculum. The teaching artists who have conducted the workshops have been selected by the Kennedy Center Touring Programs and Resources group.

The Kennedy Center defines arts integration as follows:

Arts integration is an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both.

Our local partnership seeks to give teachers information and new skills in this approach to teaching. In a time when arts education is underfunded, we have found that this approach to teaching helps meet multiple objectives in multiple disciplines in a manner that actively engages students to use body, mind and creativity. Our community benefits from the years of research and development that our national arts resource has devoted to help teachers understand, develop and use the arts in teaching core curriculum. Our students will learn with a greater understanding of how arts are a part of everyday life and will benefit from a more creative and exciting classroom atmosphere.

The following teachers, administrators and Convocations staff members serve on our team:

Amanda Mayes
Kelly Coleman
Karen Combs
Judd Danby
Glade Montgomery
Vicki Vaughn
Janell Uerkwitz
Todd Wetzel

All workshops were developed in association with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and are partially underwritten by the U.S. Department of Education; the National Committee for the Performing Arts; the Kennedy Center Corporate Fund; and the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.


From the Adjective Monster to Weather and Wind, ARTSEDGE offers lesson plans that will help you integrate arts across the curriculum. These fully developed lesson plans, teaching how-tos, weblinks, artist interviews and many other features are a wealth of information, support sites and teaching research available to teachers free of charge.

The Artful Classroom

This blog is a place where teachers can look for sources and resources, share ideas, learn about what other schools and teachers are doing and discuss the arts integration approach to teaching.