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Purdue Student Concert Committee / Student Concerts / Purdue University / Purdue Convocations / IndianaStudent Concert Committee (SCC) has 16 student members that have been selected through an application and interview process to advise Purdue Convocations about popular entertainment selections for Purdue students on the West Lafayette campus. Student members experience the equivalent of an internship in the entertainment industry. In addition to weekly meetings, SCC members work on-sale days for SCC shows, are highly involved in publicity and promotional duties for their events, and work backstage day-of-show. Each year, the committee selects eight new members to replace outgoing members who have completed a two-year term. After a one-year general membership, the students are expected to take a leadership and mentoring role on the committee.

Past SCC Shows

2013-14 Justin Moore, Life in Color

2012-13 Brantley Gilbert, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Life in Color

2011-12 The Band Perry, Lupe Fiasco, Avicii

2010-11 10/07/10 Lady Antebellum 10/20/10 Snoop Dogg

2009-10 10/30/09 O.A.R 01/26/10 Lady Gaga with Jason Derulo 03/26/10 Kid Cudi with B.o.B 04/10/10 Dierks Bentley

2008-09 9/07/2008 Lewis Black 2/16/2009 Jason Mraz 2/28/2009 Gary Allen & Darius Rucker

2007-08 9/07/2007 Jim Gaffigan 2/29/2008 Ben Folds 4/10/2008 Dierks Bentley, Bucky Covington 4/25/2008 Stephen Lynch & Charlie Murphy

2006-07 10/04/2006 Wilco 11/05/2006 BB King 1/11/2007 The Fray 4/14/2007 Bob Saget

2005-06 11/08/2005 311 3/08/2006 Mo Rocca 3/31/2006 John Mellencamp

2004-05 09/18/2004 George Carlin 11/03/2004 Bob Dylan 3/31/2005 O.A.R. 4/08/2005 Larry the Cable Guy 4/20/2005 Guster

2003-04 9/5/2004 Willie Nelson 10/18/2004 Dave Chappelle 10/23/2004 Umphrey’s Mcgee 12/7/2004 Bela Fleck 3/24/2004 John Mayer 5/1/2004 Ben Folds

2002-03 4/24/2003 The String Cheese Incident 4/3/2003 Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds 10/16/2002 Counting Crows

2001-02 4/7/2002 No Doubt 12/8/2001 Umphrey’s McGee 11/3/2001 Oysterhead 10/18/2001 Michael Kelsey

2000-01 4/19/2001 Nelly 11/2/2000 Bob Dylan 10/22/2000 Tim Reynolds 08/30/2000 Kenny Wayne Shepherd

1999-2000 4/18/2000 The Smashing Pumpkins 3/25/2000 Third Eye Blind 1/28/2000 Def Leppard 10/28/1999 John Mellencamp 9/18/1999 Chicago City Limits 9/17/1999 Chicago City Limits

1998-99 10/31/1998 Tori Amos 1997-98 11/10/1997 Adam Sandler 10/18/1997 Counting Crows

1996-97 4/12/1997 Stone Temple Pilots 1/14/1997 Dave Matthews Duo (with Tim Reynolds)

1995-96 4/3/1996 Bush 12/8/1995 The Freddy Jones Band 10/25/1995 Natalie Merchant

1994-95 4/21/1995 Harry Connick, Jr.

1993-94 3/17/1994 Pearl Jam 11/1/1993 Duran Duran 9/27/1993 Pauly Shore

1992-93 2/4/1993 B-52’s 11/13/1992 Paula Poundstone

1991-92 1990-91 11/2/1990 Smithereens

1989-90 4/17/1990 Don Henley 10/23/1989 Richard Marx

1988-89 4/10/1989 Bangles 2/12/1989 Amy Grant 12/5/1988 Cheap Trick

1987-88 2/23/1988 Sting 10/27/1987 REM 10/23/1987 Tina Turner 9/17/1987 We Can Make You Laugh!

1986-87 2/9/1987 .38 Special 11/18/1986 Moody Blues 11/10/1986 Pay Metheny Group 10/19/1986 Chicago

1985-86 4/29/1986 The Firm 4/15/1986 Amy Grant 12/9/1985 Stevie Ray Vaughn 10/13/1985 Beach Boys

1984-85 4/13/1985 Eddie Murphy 10/20/1984 Amy Grant 9/30/1984 Chicago 9/2/1984 Thompson Twins

1983-84 4/3/1984 The Pretenders 3/17/1984 John Cougar Mellencamp 2/23/1984 George Carlin 2/7/1984 Loverboy 1/18/1984 The Kinks 10/6/1983 Styx 9/16/1983 LeRoi Brothers

1982-83 2/25/1983 Jimmy Buffett 2/25/1983 Blue Oyster Cult 11/3/1982 Chicago 9/7/1982 The Go-Go’s (with A Flock of Seagulls)

1981-82 3/16/1982 J. Geils Band 2/15/1982 The Cars 11/6/1981 Bob Dylan 10/23/1981 Jefferson Starship 9/20/1981 Maynard Ferguson

1980-81 4/22/1981 Harry Chapin 1/30/1981 Marshall Tucker Band 11/18/1980 Boz Scaggs 10/28/1980 Little River Band 10/2/1980 Elton John 9/5/1980 The Kinks

1979-80 5/4/1980 Journey 3/23/1980 Jimmy Buffett 2/20/1980 The Outlaws 1/28/1980 Kenny Loggins 11/28/1979 Tom Petty 11/16/1979 James Taylor 11/16/1979 Poco 10/31/1979 Jay Ferguson 10/13/1979 Elton John 10/1/1979 America 9/23/1979 Roadmaster

Advisor: Laura Clavio

 2014-15 Members – David LaVanne, President; Brendan McCulloch, Vice-President; Gabrielle Erftenbeck, Salim Abu Khader, and Katie Ciabotti, Production; Tomi Onadecko and Jessica Cieslak, Marketing; Sarah Muhammad, Financial Officer and Recording Secretary

2013-14 Members – Nigel Agboh, President; Mark Morton, Vice-President; Nadine Hammoudi and Cody Thomas, Production; Tara Christopher, Social Media; Mike Hofferth and Chris Costidakis, Marketing; Becca Courtney, Finance Officer and Recording Secretary; Jessica Cieslak; Gabrielle Erftenbeck; David LaVanne; Brendan McCulloch, Salim Abu Khader; Katie Ciabotti; Sarah Muhammad; Tomi Onadeko

2013-2014 Nigel Agboh, President; Mark Morton, Vice-President; Nadine Hammoudi and Cody Thomas, Production; Tara Christopher, Social Media; Mike Hofferth and Chris Costidakis, Marketing; Becca Courtney, Finance Officer and Recording Secretary; Jessica Cieslak; Gabrielle Erftenbeck; David LaVanne; Brendan McCulloch, Salim Abu Khader; Katie Ciabotti; Sarah Muhammad; Tomi Onadeko

2012-2013 Jeremy Ehrlich, President; Ashwath Rajagopalan, Vice-President; Brit Davis, Production; Alexandria Monterrubio, Production; Nicole Raynor,  Historian; Jason Diamant, Marketing; Eric Ballard, Marketing; Dylan Newman, Marketing; April Smith, Recording Secretary; General members: Nigel Agboh, Tara Christopher, Chris Costidakis, Becca Courtney, Nadine Hammoudi, Mike Hofferth, Mark Morton, Cody Thomas

2010-2011 President: Travis Sawrie Vice President: Charleston Crouch Marketing Director: Jack Ulrich Marketing Director: Josie Pike Production Director: Gregg Braun Production Director: Sean Mullen Webmaster/Designer: Austin Chen Treasurer/Social: Kevin Breen

2009-2010 President: Erika Earl Vice President: Kimmy Lauer Publicity: Zach Swartz Publicity: Alvint Kumar Publicity/Secretary: Alisha Capps Production: Kate Molter Production: Travis Langdon Production: Dan Schuler

2008-2009 President:Cody Nelson Vice President:Kelley Bockert Publicity: Scott Brookie Publicity/Secretary: Laurel Wright Publicity: Michael Baron Production:Chad Morreale Production: Adam Yestrepsky Production: Bryan O’Neill

2007-2008 President: Adam Hohlt Vice President: Katherine Clemens Publicity: Elaine Li Publicity: Brian Smith Publicity: Kristen Johnson Secretary/Social: Cara Lapinski Production: Clay Reyenga Production: Adam Yestrepsky Michael Baron, Kelly Bockert, Scott Brookie, Chad Morreale, Cody Nelson, Bryan O’Neill, Dan Schuler, Laurel Wright

2006-2007 President: Mallory Schaus Vice President: Kory Arvin Publicity: Zach Christian Secretary/Social: Lindsey Garner Secretary/Social: Brian Franke Production: Sara Gick Production: Nina Kobilca Production: Chris Hetzner Katherine Clemens, Adam Hohlt, Kristen Johnson, Cara Lapinski, Elaine Li, Clay Reyenga, Brian Smith, Adam Yestrepsky

2005-06 President: Phil Renda Vice President: Andy Van Laan Publicity: Rupa Gupta Publicity: An An Ku Secretary/Historian: Kyla Hebard Production: Meagan Freeze Production: Kim Kingen Social: Kenya Grady Mallory Schaus, Kory Arvin, Zach Christian, Lindsey Garner, Brian Franke, Sara Gick, Nina Kobilca, Chris Hetzner

2004-05 President: Matt Hilton Vice President: David Anderson Publicity: Karen Keller Secretary/Historian: Andrea Sutterer Production: Jeremy Cronkhite Production: Dan Peterson Production: Tim Ferriter Phil Renda, Andy Van Laan, Rupa Gupta, An-An Ku, Kyla Hebard, Meagan Freeze, Kim Kingen, Kenya Grady

2003-04 President: Kevin Kirby Vice President: Emily Russell Publicity: Adam DePue Publicity: Kyle Hjelmeseth Secretary/Historian: Emily Schaler Production: Scott Pellack Production: Nikhil Gahlawat David Anderson, Jeremy Cronkhite, Tim Ferriter, Matthew Hilton, Karen Keller, Dan Peterson, Andrea Sutterer

2002-03 President: Cailan Curtis Vice President: Ismael Moustafa Publicity: Jennifer Larson Publicity/ Friends Board Representative: Alex Crane Secretary/Historian: Bill Emerson Production: Tim Deller Production: Chris Smith Adam DePue, Nik Gahlawat, Kyle Hjelmeseth, Kevin Kirby, Jessica Krantz, Scott Pellack, Emily Russell, Emily Schaler

2001-02 President: Michael O’Connor Vice President: Amar Kumar Publicity: Trina Scherenberg Secretary: Letha Sgritta Historian: Judi Williams Production: Ryan Young Production: Ryan Ruark Production: Kevin Lemanski Sarah Fluent, Ann Jacobson, Kate Fettig, Jennifer Larson, Alex Crane, Ismael Moustafa, Tim Deller, Bill Emerson, Cailan Curtis, Chris Smith

2000-01 President: Mellisa Glaser Vice President: Matt Petkovich Publicity: Nishant Kothary, Publicity: Kate Fettig Historian: Luis Salazar Production: Mike Scherenberg Social: Deborah Putts Social: Sarah Fluent Ann Jacobson, Tim Kearney, Amar Kumar, Kevin Lemanski, Michael O’Connor, Trina Scherenberg, Letha Sgritta, Judi Williams, Julie Williams, Ryan Young, Maureen Ganter

1999-2000 President: Julie Williams President: Nancy Lawson Vice President: Heather Sanderson Vice President: Saliza Abdulla Publicity: Jeremy Anderson Publicity: Tim Kearney Historian: Ann Jacobson Production: Tyson Strutzenberg Production: Letha Sgritta Social: Maureen Ganter Deborah Putts, Mike Cook, Rupa Chatterji, Jennifer Sarage, Lisa Wefler

Spring 1996 Shawn Gault, Derek Speer, Vicki Willson, Mike Cook, Kelly Clapper, Scott Corbin, Grant Detrick, Carie M. Mondero, Wade Scott, Tami Jaggers, Joe Pinto, Kathleen Sheehan

1996-97 – Student Concert Board (Student Ushers at Rock Concerts) Marialba Ayala, Michael Benner, Cain Bilbrey, Tyler Bittner, Brent Bohbrink, Craig Bohbrink, Amy L. Boucek, Teresa Branham, Matt Brown, Erin Chambers, Dave Ciaglo, Kelley Clapper, Carrie Conoboy, Mike Cook, Roy Davis, Lisa Doulder, Kelly Eisert, Rocky Eisert, Teri Emerson, Kimberley Evans, Cindy Finkel, Paul Fisher, Kelly Fitzgerald, Tim Gober, Miles Hague, Jodi Hampton, Agustin Hernandez, Michael Hicks, Ann Hobaugh, Scott Holbrook, Emilee Howard, Colleen Hurt, Nichole Keitel, Neil Klemme, Colleen Kult, Jayson Laube, Cathy Lauer, Carmalyn Lubawy, Brian Magee, Angie Miller, Andy Montgomery, Benjamin Moorehead, Tony Nappi, Pat O’Malley, Jerry O’Sullivan, Andrew Parker, Rod Pizarro, Mike Piskorski, Cynthia Raley, Dani Rhoads, Emily Ricke, Tim Rogers, Mark Rund, Joe Said, Jason Short, Brina Skibinski, Camille Smith, Eric Spoor, Joe Steward, Kelly Tiede, Brian Todd, Renee Tomaszewski, Rosana Vargas, Kimara Vaughn, Jessica Velazquez, Nathan White, Leah Wood, Emily Zauss

1995-96 – Student Concert Board (Student Ushers at Rock Concerts) Kristen Bell, Craig Bohbrink, Theresa Branham, Nikki Cameron, John Cimino, Colleen Costello, Jennie Cutter, Paul Dolatowski, Rocky Eisert, Chris Fisher, Greta Godsey, Julie Greco, Melissa Good, Miles Hague, Kara Hilgemeier, Laura Hussey, Russ Lane, Cathy Lauer, Christine Lucas, Marc Lytle, Keri Manhart, Krista Milazzo, Ben Moorehead, Jeff Morrow, Melissa Nesmith, Scott Parks, Matt Pestopino, Cindy Raley, Jason Rosenstrauch, Mark Rund, Colleen Ryan, Jenn Scuteri, Shayna Singer, Camille Smith, Julie Smitt, Jamie Sowa, Val Sukta, Craig Tompkins, Nathan White, Sean Dietz, Ari Khan, Mike Hillberry, Jessica Christenson, Michael Hicks, Amber Dimmett, Michelle Miller, Maggie Bennett, Mac Lobdell, Jared Hill, Michelle Holland, Matthew Crankshaw, Jeff Tang, Amber Dimmett, Julie Schmidt, Tracie Towner, Rupa Chatterji, Mike Brown, Nathan Metzger, Buddy Funk, Scott Parks, John Lux

1992 T. Smaley, R. Becker, J. Jones, P. Wantman, J. Jeffers, R. Tandom, S. Sen, T. Tunder, E. Champh, N. Byrne

1991 Eric Welsh, Angela Holliday, Michael Hoffman, Jim Gifford, Dawn Schrepel, Susan Nyerges, Kristen Falkenberg, Nicole Vasiento, Tom Davis, Jason Jenny, Lara Bartholemew

1990 Lisa Connors, Dawn Schrepel, Susan Nyerges, Jim Gifford, Michael Hoffman, Julie Sweeney, Deb Dabrowiak, Angela Holiday, Gary Kline, John Kacsur, Chris Agostino, Eric Welsh

1988 Catherin Bouggy, Erica Adams, Chuck Worrell, Marla Modesitt, Lisa Connors

1987 Catherin Bouggy, K. Achin, G. Kline, M. Bullock, H. Lewis, Sarah Ayers, S. Beck, T. News, Chuck Worrell

1986 D. Wright, J. Cox, S. Ayers, M. Bullock, J. Scroggins, B. Holmes, D. Verbic, D. Shaheen, C. Jordan, T. DeHahn, V. Jacob

1985 L. Jurss, T. Bovino, B. Shaw, D. Wright, L. Lawson, J. Scroggins, V. Jacob, C. Jordan, T. Dettahn, D. Shaheen

1984 D. Wright, L. Lawson, L. Jurss, T. Bovino, B. Bromley, B. Kessler, J. McKenzie, M. Allison, B. Shaw, J. Kaye

1983 John McKenzie, Belinda Berglund, Bill Hattori, John Kaye, Michelle Allison, Doug Write, Jim Wright, John Kessler, John Ringeon, Sandy Boyd

1982 Doug Peacore, Belinda Berglund, Bill Hattori, Sandra Boyd, Anne Essick, Pam Baker, Cathy Prtrecca, Rock, Connie Vernon, Ray Davidson, Pete Sampson, John Ringworm

1980 Bromo, Marc, John, Fiji, Mac, J.C., Will, Polly, Bob, Ron, Jeff, Mark, Sue, Barb, George, Piercey, Lori, Charles

1976 Jim Cech, Ron Azoff, Gail Holloway, Matt Smith, Ann Jackson, Gary Conkright, Steve Glover, Craig Hartman, Melonie Muir, Mary Ann Polom, Nancy Burge, Linda Hansen, Jim Hoskins, John Brennan, Scott Walker, John Erickson, Tim Hesse, Ken Harmon, Bruce Gordon, Bill Cooper

Are YOU an SCC alumni? Please contact us and help us fill in the gaps and let us know what you’re up to!

SCC Advisor – Laura Clavio:
SCC President – Nigel Agboh

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