Huang Yi

Objective 1

Catalyze the Curriculum

VISION: Create transformative learning experiences for students at Purdue and in the preschool to grade 12 systems. Through powerful curricular and co-curricular engagement, students have the opportunity to discover, expand, synthesize, and apply knowledge within disciplines, across disciplines, and with respect to cultural, societal, and global issues.


Objective 2

Energize the Community

VISION: Present a compelling, world-class, globally-informed, and immensely rich platform of performances, discourse, and experiences that honor artistry and accomplishments of the highest order, celebrate exceptional traditions and new explorations, and pursue innovative thought and expansion of creative possibilities. As a cultural nexus for the Purdue, greater Lafayette, and Indiana community, serve as a vital cultural destination by maintaining and expanding inclusiveness, accessibility, and affordability.


Objective 3

Distinguish the Institution

VISION: Define Purdue University as a place where dynamic, inventive performing arts and discourse curation plays a leadership role in the institution’s comprehensive identity, service, and learning environment. Create national and international recognition of Purdue Convocations’ robust integrative approach, investment in and presentation of new and important creative works, and the development of its curatorial strength through high-visibility relationships, collaborations, initiatives, and training.

Campaign Objectives

Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University
DURING EVER TRUE: The Campaign for Purdue University (2012-2019), Purdue Convocations plans to raise $3.5 Million as we Catalyze the Curriculum, Energize the Community and Distinguish the Institution.

Among these funding objectives, this initiative will provide:

  • $400,000 for educational programs to provide even more expansive service to the curriculum through faculty partnerships and the creation of signature educational experiences as part of a Purdue education and for elementary and secondary schools within the region
  • $500,000 to increase presentational capacity for world-class performance, commercial programming competitiveness, public discourse, and community-building immersions, above and beyond our support of the student experience at Purdue
  • $500,000 in deferred gifts to extend the loyal annual support that the organization has come to count on and build the organizational capacity to plan for the future
  • $1,500,000 or more in unrestricted gifts throughout the campaign to be allocated to the area where Convocations needs are greatest

Making a Gift

For all of these opportunities, one-time gifts or multi-year pledges are especially helpful. Deferred gifts also help the organization plan for the future, and they may be combined with immediate annual support to enable initiatives to flourish in the near term.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Convocations Ever True objectives or to speak to someone about how you would like to participate, please call the Director of Development at 765-494-9712.

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