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Dance Party
Friday, February 2 / 8:00 pm
General admission
All Ages
Cash bar available
Available for a limited time:

This funkadelic Mexican jazz band is ready to bring the funk to the PMU Ballrooms! Troker is currently on an extensive tour of the U.S. in support of the band's new album IMPERFECTO.

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Immediately infectious tunes and an energetic live show.”
The Huffington Post

If Salvador Dali had ever made a heist movie, Troker would have provided the soundtrack—with a style that careens between the sublime and dangerous. Metal riffs meet fatback grooves. DJ scratches trade lines with horns. Befitting their name—derived from a northern Mexico word for pickup trucks and trailers—Troker does not perform jazz for elevators. Their music rides the line with high horsepower and both greased-up hands on the wheel. Perhaps the most important export from Mexico since tequila, Troker burst onto Guadalajara’s jazz scene in 2004, seized the lapels of the jazz and world music scenes with its debut album, 2007’s Jazz Vinil, and continued its crazily creative evolution on 2010’s El Rey Del Camino, 2014’s Crimen Sonoro, and 2016’s 1919 Música para Cine. The muscular, mysterious sound of these cultural messengers has since been heard at South by Southwest, Glastonbury, and the Monterey Jazz Festival in California. Troker is also the only Mexican band officially selected to perform at both the World Music Expo (WOMEX) and Germany’s Jazzahead festival. Theirs is a sound influenced by Zappa and Zapata, Miles Davis and the Mars Volta, Pink Floyd and Perez Prado. Inside Troker’s psychedelic headspace, jazz, rock, klezmer, funk, cumbia, and mariachi music all knock back a few shots together—for a long, wild night where you’ll be pulled out of your comfort zone and onto the dance floor.

Troker: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert