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Les Violons du Roy

Sunday, October 21, 2018 / 3:00 pm

Les Violins du Roy, joined by acclaimed countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo,
perform Handel arias and Glass songs in “a unique, refined, and explosive concert.”

This was not just perfectly laced vocalism, it was edge-of-your-seat drama, the kind of high-voltage, high-register male singing that comes once in a generation.””
Musical America, of Anthony Roth Costanzo

Chamber music echoes readily reverberate among today’s composers, arrangers, and performers. Philip Glass has credited George Frideric Handel with teaching him more about
“exercising the voice” than any other composer for the human instrument. A natural fit, then, to place Handel and Glass parallel on the program for Juno Award® winners Les Violons du Roy in their return engagement to Purdue Convocations. This ensemble gives contemporary audiences their most authentic comparison to chamber music as initially heard by monarchs and their courtiers. Here, they are joined by acclaimed countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo—performing Handel arias and Glass songs in a collaboration Le Soleil described as “a unique, refined, and explosive concert.


Tolomeo, HWV 25: “Inumano fratel … Stille amare”
Flavio, Re de’ Langobardi, HWV 16: “Rompo i lacci”
Concerto grosso in D minor, Op 6 No 10, HWV 328
Amadigi di Gaula, HWV 11: “Pena tiranna”
Regina de’ Langobardi, HWV 19: “Vivi tiranno”
Opera excerpts (Tolomeo HWV25, Flavio HWV16, Amadigi di Gaula HWV11, Rodelinda HWV19)
Concerto Grosso in D Minor, Op.6, No.10, HWV328

Philip Glass
Akhnaten: “Hymn”
1000 Airplanes on the Roof: “The Encounter”
Monsters of Grace: “In the Arc of Your Mallet”
Songs from Liquid Days: Liquid Days, Part 1
Fall of the House of Usher:
“How All Living Things Breathe”
First Movement from Symphony No. 3

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