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Thursday, September 28, 2017 / 7:30 pm

For 25 years, Diavolo has defied traditional definitions of dance and gravity. In their new work, LOST, company members leap, roll, slide, and fly through space, navigating two-ton, stage-spanning pieces of commissioned architecture.

  • scene from Diavolo: L.O.S.T.


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Each waking moment marks a chance to chase time, achieve goals, or discover the unknown. But are we truly the captains of our own destinies…or simply a collective, caged by social constructs larger than us? Pursuing the answers with astounding athleticism and infinite grace, Diavolo defies traditional definitions of dance and gravity. Company members leap, roll, slide, and fly through space, navigating two-ton, stage-spanning pieces of specially commissioned architecture.

For 25 years, Diavolo’s “architecture in motion” has explored the relationship between the human body and its environment—revealing how the spaces we inhabit both inhibit and inspire our triumphs over challenge or adversity. L.O.S.T. (Losing One’s Self Temporarily) is a two-part piece that examines the push-and-pull of control and vulnerability in everyday rituals of commuting and working.

Taking place in, around, and atop a train that transforms into both staircase and ark, Passengers is a wild mind trip through shifting consciousness—where dancers negotiate a tenuous balance of being along for the ride, or driving with purpose, on the adventure of life.

Set in a grey-bathed business office, Cubicle explores how cramped conditions and monotonous tasks affect the human condition—depicting the struggle to maintain individuality while ascending the corporate ladder.

In its return to Purdue after dazzling audiences in a sold-out engagement in 2007, Diavolo uses vigorous choreography and emotional intensity to find drama and danger in the everyday…and uncover aspects of humanity that both divide and unite us.

Diavolo on America’s Got Talent