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Upcoming Events

  • The Simon and Garfunkel Story

    The Simon and Garfunkel Story at Purdue Convocations

    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel created timeless hits like “Mrs. Robinson” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Now, The Simon & Garfunkel Story presents a multimedia experience with rare photos, video, and a live band performing their classic songs.

    Wednesday, Jan. 26 / 7:30 pm at Loeb Playhouse
  • Geneva Lewis, violin

    Geneva Lewis at Purdue Convocations

    Violinist Geneva Lewis made her professional debut at just 11 years old for the Pasadena Symphony. At Purdue, she will revel in the impressionism of Debussy’s Violin Sonata and the romantic power of Brahms’ Sonata No. 3 in D minor.

    Sunday, Jan. 30 / 3:00 pm at Loeb Playhouse
  • Dökk – CANCELLED

    Show Cancelled: Dökk performance by fuse*

    Dökk, a live media performance by fuse* originally scheduled for February 3, 2022, has been cancelled due to COVID-19-related complications.

    Thursday, Feb. 3 / 7:30 pm at Loeb Playhouse