Our stage lights have been off and our seats have been empty. This intermission has been necessary for the collective good—but we’ve missed you. A lot.  

And we know you’ve missed powerful live performances that Purdue Convocations brings into your life, too. In the past, we’ve spoken rhetorically about the idea of what life would be like here without Convos and unfortunately, now we know—we’ve experienced it.

But there’s good news ahead: It’s time to usher in the next act: Staging Our Future. It’s our ambitious plan to raise the curtain in our theatres once again.



Over the past year we have been persistent in our pursuit to bring live performances to you, and did so through a number of deeply engaging arts encounters we titled Convos At Home. Check out the links below to see our most recent pivot along with many of our past amazing engagements, all of which serve as powerful testimony to the work that Staging Our Future will help us bring back—for you!