We have been thinking about you and missing you. We know that not everyone is feeling “well” or “safe” right now and this saddens us. The profound sense of community that we have long experienced through Convos events has been made all the more palpable by its absence. We are not done designing new ways to deliver culture, creative human expression, and discourse for you despite any new challenges we face. We’re not done creating platforms that help us see, hear, and understand each other across our differences, because we’re deeply committed to this ideal. We keep going because it’s our driving passion to provide this for you, for our students, and for our extended community.

However, we’re choosing not to announce a new season right now, as there remains significant uncertainty about touring models for artists and traditionally staged performances, not to mention how we can deliver a safe environment for you as a patron. As you would imagine, we had been working on an exciting lineup for well over a year, but our hope is that in the coming months, there will be increasing clarity about which of those performances will be feasible for us. But we’ll keep going.

Connected to that, we have also made the difficult decision as part of the Protect Purdue plan, to not offer traditional, on-campus public performances in the fall semester. We know that this will be a disappointment to all of you, just as it is for all of us here at Convos and the Hall of Music. But we’ll keep going. You have always known us at Convos to bring an incredible spirit of creativity and innovation to all that we do. Some people think of creativity as a thing that happens when there are no rules, when you can do whatever you want. But the truth is actually the opposite: real creativity is shown when truly incredible solutions are developed in the face of limitations, boundaries, or barriers. We’ll keep going on these creative incredible solutions right now.

To keep going for you right now, your support is especially critical. In the past, you may have supported the work we do for you through the spring campaign or through Purdue Day of Giving. While those regular campaigns have been disrupted, you can still make a difference. As a dedicated supporter of Convos, you know that both ticket sales and contributions are vital to our ability to serve you and our whole community with:

  • dynamic encounters with world-class artists and thinkers,
  • powerful and effective connections that catalyze Purdue curricula,
  • access to the arts in collegiate and P-12 classrooms for students across the region,
  • access opportunities for those for whom ticket prices may be a barrier to participation, and
  • experiences that both honor and bridge our differences as humans.

Although Convocations will look different this year from what we have delivered for you during the past 117 seasons, we think you’ll appreciate the creative approaches we’re developing for you. Please consider making your gift today to support Convocations and help us innovate through this moment.


With your help, we will continue to honor you, see you, include you, transport you, and inspire you. We will also continue to work hard to create surprise and adventure—both in the short term, and long afterward. Thank you for helping us keep it going.

From this team of culture-makers to you, we send you our best wishes for safety, good health, and deep contemplation of what makes our society great, and what can make it still better. We look forward to connecting with you around culture and ideas as soon as we can. With your help, we will keep going.

Grateful for your commitment to culture and inclusion here at Purdue,

Todd E. Wetzel
Assistant Vice Provost, Student Life
Executive Director, Purdue Convocations/Hall of Music Productions