September/October 2017

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Years of collaboration result in many Colombia-Purdue STEM education projects

For the last seven years, the Colombia-Purdue Initiative (CPI) has connected faculty, staff, students, and alumni from Purdue and Colombian institutions to work together on numerous projects. One of their main goals is to propel and improve the instruction and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in Colombia. Here we describe some of these projects, presented this year at two prestigious Engineering Education events: The American Society for Engineering Education’s (ASEE) annual conference and the Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES). Read more >>


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Isabel Jimenez-Useche

Assistant head of First-Year Engineering breaks stereotypes, helps transform engineering education

Isabel Jimenez-Useche, interim assistant head of First-Year Engineering (FYE), is always ahead of the curve. She met Carolyn Percifield, director of strategic planning and assessment for the College of Engineering at Purdue University, in Bogotá 11 years ago when Percifield was just beginning to establish the collaborative relationship between Purdue and Colombia. Isabel flipped her classroom to student-centered active learning before she even knew what “flipping a classroom” meant. She refuses to be boxed into the stereotype of an engineer by making her own path forward, focused on teaching and finding solutions with the highest impact on people.  Read more >>


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Happening Now

Ken Foster’s sabbatical at Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira is a landmark for the Colombia-Purdue partnership

After nine productive years as Head of the Agricultural Economics department at Purdue University, Dr. Ken Foster chose to step down from this position to return to teaching and conducting research on the improvement and development of agricultural value chains. He is particularly interested in Colombia and decided to take a four-month sabbatical followed by a three-month research leave in beautiful Risaralda, Colombia at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (UTP).  Read more>>

COLFUTURO helps Colombians study English at Purdue Northwest

As Colombian industries grow and engage with the global economy, English skills are becoming increasingly valued in the job marketplace. Aware of the importance of such skills, COLFUTURO and Purdue reached an agreement that allows Colombians to take an immersive English Language Program (ELP) at Purdue University Northwest. Read more>>

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Cool at Purdue

‘Purdue World’ accelerates social entrepreneurship programs, fast-tracks global impact.  Read more>>

Purdue ranked 5th best public university in U.S..  Read more>>

NSF-funded center at Purdue could help power U.S. for next century.  Read more>>

Purdue online tool to help farmers make precision decisions, keep data private Read more>>


Chévere in Colombia

Pope Francis visited Colombia

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Colombia Purdue in the News

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