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The Orinoquía Initiative

The end of a 50+ year conflict in Colombia will bring about many changes to the country, and Purdue is playing a major role in co-designing them. After the peace deal, one of the areas in the country that is expected to have more changes is the Orinoquía region - an area that is comprised of nearly 40% of the Colombian territory and suffered isolation and violence for decades. Read more>>

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César Ocampo

César Ocampo is a prominent Colombian scientist in the area of Astrodynamics, and has recently been appointed as the new director of COLCIENCIAS, the Colombian Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation. Ocampo was born in Armenia, Colombia and emigrated to the U.S. with his parents when he was two years old. At the age of four, Ocampo knew he wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer when he watched the Apollo XVII launch on television. Ocampo has an extensive research and teaching trajectory. Read more >>

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Happening Now

Aviation Alliance To Support The Industry In Colombia 

As airline tickets become more affordable and the tourism industry expands in Colombia, the aviation industry grows to meet demand. The number of passengers per year grew between 2005 and 2015 from 10.3 to 34.1 million, causing an increase in airline companies, operations, and airport improvements, as well as related challenges. An interdisciplinary group of Purdue representatives visited universities in Medellín to create a unique and powerful coalition to help address the challenges of the expanding aviation sector in Colombia. Read more>>

In the pursuit of second language test assessment: A fruitful cooperation between Purdue University and Universidad del Norte

The Language Institute at Universidad del Norte (UniNorte) plays a crucial role among its undergraduate students who regardless of their major, must get certified in a second language. Additionally, the Institute works closely with the Ministry of Education to improve the English level of the community through different initiatives. A former UniNorte professor and current doctoral student at Purdue University, Rodrigo Rodríguez, catalyzed a collaboration between Pía Osorio, director or the Language Institute at UniNorte, and his Purdue academic advisor April Ginther, Director of the Purdue Oral English Proficiency Program and Associate Professor of the English Department. Read more>>

Cool at Purdue

Super-resolution system reveals mechanics of tiny 'DNA walker'.  Read more>>

Study measures psychological support provided by service dogs. Read more>>

Purdue's 2016 highlights captured in the Purdue Alumni Association's 62nd edition of the Year in Review video. Watch video>>


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Colombia Purdue in the News

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