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English Learning Program for Universidad Nacional Faculty

The English Learning Program for Universidad Nacional Faculty began during the summer of 2015. Its purpose is to bring professors from Universidad Nacional to Purdue, where, for a month, they engage in different activities that allow them to improve their academic English speaking and writing skills. Read more>>


Erratum: A revised version of the article "Farmer to Farmer Project is a Great Success in Meta" included in our previous issue (May 2016) has been published. Read updated article>>

About You

Carlos Vanegas

Carlos Vanegas is a successful entrepreneur. Last year, the start-up that he co-founded was sold to Autodesk, one of the largest engineering software companies in the US. In his early thirties, Carlos is already an important name in the 3D software world. But his story is worth telling from the beginning. Read more>>

Happening Now

Study Abroad Programs in Colombia growing at Purdue

Study Abroad programs are one of the key collaboration strategies between Purdue and Colombia. In recent years, Purdue faculty have increased efforts for Purdue students to have enriching academic experiences and internship opportunities in Colombia. Read more>>

Cool at Purdue

Possibly unique design feature discovered in mantis shrimp. Read more>>


New tool for virtual and augmented reality uses ‘deep learning’. Read more>>


Purdue items picked to go into space in 2017 mission with alumnus. Read more>>


Colombia Purdue in the News

*EAFIT genera nuevos acercamientos con Purdue >>


*Foreign study yields new perceptions, lifelong change >>


*Training a new generation to face climate change and population growth together >>


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