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Proyecto Interchange

A group of nine young Colombian students from public schools in Medellin came to Purdue to participate in the Gifted Educational Research Institute (GERI) Camp 2016. Their visit is the result of a joint effort between Ruta N, the Colombian Student Association at Purdue, and CPI. These children were selected from a group of over 2000 students who participated in Proyecto Interchange and the Ruta N robotics program in 2015-2016. Read more>>

About You

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Andrea Umaña

Andrea Umaña talks about Purdue with a mix of gratitude, nostalgia, and joy. She started her B.S. at Universidad de los Andes, in Bogota, but decided to transfer to a U.S. university. She picked Purdue for its renowned excellence in many fields, but especially in Industrial Engineering, the career she decided to pursue. She moved to West Lafayette in 2003, and graduated in December of 2005. Read more>>

Erratum: A revised version of the article "About You: Carlos Vanegas" included in our previous issue (June 2016) has been published. Read updated article>>

Happening Now

Undergraduate Research Programs at Purdue

Research internships are a key component of collaboration efforts between Purdue and Colombia. Each year, a significant number of undergraduate students from different Colombian universities arrive to Purdue. Their goal is to participate in research projects on their respective fields of interest. Read more>>

Freeform Classroom

A group of three faculty and staff members from Universidad del Norte (Uninorte) in Barranquilla, Colombia, came to visit Purdue between July 17th and 23rd. Their trip was part of a collaboration with Purdue’s School of Engineering, and particularly with the Mechanics Freeform Classroom instructional innovative platform. Read more>>

Cool at Purdue

Purdue sets record again with $403 million in research funding. Read more>>


Rapid, low-temperature process adds weeks to milk's shelf life. Read more>>


Campus Myths Under the Microscope. Read more>>


Colombia Purdue in the News

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