July 2017

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In the Spotlight

Meet the New Purdue Deans

Effective on July 1st, 2017, Purdue University welcomed a new team of leaders in several colleges. We gladly receive Dr. Mung Chiang, Patrick Wolfe, and Eric Barker, who have joined Purdue University as new deans for the Colleges of Engineering, Science, and Pharmacy respectively.

Join us congratulating the new Purdue leaders!  Read more>>


About You


Manuel García-López

At 75 years of age, Manuel García-López still climbs the mountainous terrains of Mocoa, a Colombian city that suffered an avalanche in March 2017 - the worst catastrophe in the history of the region. He and his team survey the damage to aqueducts that provide water to the city. As an authority in geotechnics, he is a leading figure in the prevention and correction of damage caused by landslides, avalanches, and other natural hazards. He attributes his success to his graduate studies at Purdue. Read more >>


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Happening Now

Three Purdue Study abroad programs took place in Colombia this summer

Colombia is home for several Purdue Study Abroad programs. This summer, three courses were taught in alliance between Purdue faculty and some of our partner institutions (Universidad Nacional, Universidad del Norte, and Universidad de Antioquia), resulting in over 40 Purdue students experiencing the Colombian culture, food, and history. Read more>>

Purdue crop storage bags could prove successful in the storage of Colombian coffee beans

The humidity in Colombia’s Triángulo del Café region and the lack of high-quality storage alternatives there push coffee producers in the area to sell at changing daily prices, affecting not only their finances but the country’s coffee supply. To help Colombian coffee producers extend the beans’ shelf life and sell at market peak times, Purdue professor Kenneth A. Foster (Agricultural Economics) partnered up with Carlos Parra, Agronomy professor at Universidad de Caldas, to test the efficiency of the - already successful - Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags on green coffee beans storage. Read more>>

Our Graduates


This month we present 3 new Doctors and 1 Master in Science:


Andrés Bejarano Posada
MSc in Computer Science
Story >>

Stella K. Betancourt
PhD in Analytical Chemistry
Story >>



Carlos H. Borca
PhD in Chemistry
Story >>

John A. Mendoza
PhD in Engineering Education
Story >>



Did you know?


Tracing back the first Colombians to set foot at Purdue University

The Colombian student body at Purdue is currently the seventh largest among the international population, and the first among Latin American countries. Keeping in mind that this trend is fairly recent, and Purdue University was founded almost 150 years ago, we became curious about who were the first Colombians to graduate from our beloved institution. Read more >>


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Cool at Purdue

Purdue grad among 12 announced as NASA’s newest astronauts.  Read more>>

Why mosquitoes should not be eliminated.  Read more>>

Purdue researchers combining data and technology to make agriculture more sustainable. Read more>>


Chévere in Colombia

Science for Peace

Science for Peace is a project that aims to contribute to Colombian and World peace through the science of well-being, character, and related disciplines. It is led by Alejandra Ortega Bechara, founder of Instituto Florecer, under the scientific direction of Professor Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, co-creator of the science of positive psychology. They are currently working on the development of a free web and mobile application that will help survivors develop strengths and recover from adversity.

To learn more about the project, visit their website and watch the explanatory video of their new platform.

Colombia Purdue in the News

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