Remembering Juan José Pavón Palacio: A Purdue friend and researcher 

Juan José Pavón Palacio was native to Colombia, a key liaison between Purdue University and University of Antioquia (UdeA), and a dedicated scientist whose work not only contributed immensely to the progress of biomaterials research, but touched many lives. Read more>>


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GERI: Crafting Colombia’s Future by Nurturing Gifted Students

When education is the same for every student, being smart, creative, or talented can become a burden. Outstanding children may be isolated by their peers, feel the need to underachieve to improve social acceptance, or become bored which may make them appear lazy. In other words, without a proper atmosphere, children who in the future could become leaders, problem solvers, or innovators may be unable to achieve their full potential. Read more>>

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Gabriel Cadena

Gabriel Cadena Gómez is native to Bucaramanga, Colombia, a distinguished Purdue Alumnus who has extensive research and education experience in coffee development and plant pathology, and currently serves as President of Universidad Autónoma de Manizales (UAM) in Colombia. Read our interview >>

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Increasing success of Purdue undergraduate study abroad programs in Colombia 

Colombia rapidly became one of the top destination for Purdue undergraduate study abroad programs from all colleges. In the past five academic years, the number of undergraduate students traveling to Colombia has increased from 33 to 229, and it is expected to keep increasing “Most students participated through short-term programs (e.g. summer and spring break) led by faculty members” explains Dr. Brian Harley, Associate Dean of International Programs and Director of Study Abroad, “one notable program was when the Marching Band had a credit-bearing study abroad program in 2015”. Read more>>

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Extraterrestrial Habitat Engineering finds home at Purdue - winning New Horizons team presents vision.  Read more>>

Shellfish chemistry combined with polymer to create new biodegradable adhesive. Read more>>

Purdue, Browning partner on $1 billion development district to transform west side of campus. Read more>>


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*Universidades de la región y de Purdue presentan a Avianca sus capacidades en investigación y formación académica (Twitter post) >>

*Delegación de la Universidad de Purdue (Estados Unidos) explorando futuras alianzas académicas y científicas con el nuevo pregrado de Ingeniería Aeroespacial de la UdeA (Facebook post) >>

*Profesores de Purdue se reunieron con representantes del nuevo pregrado en #IngenieríaAeroespacial de la #UdeA (Facebook post) >>




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