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Undergraduate Research at Purdue - Colombia: A successful Purdue Colombia internship program

A group of 20 undergraduate students from Universidad Nacional (UNAL) arrived in June to have individual six-month research internships at Purdue. The students are part of a program called UREP-C, Undergraduate Research Experience Purdue-Colombia. Unlike most research internships, which typically last about 10 weeks, UREP-C is a 6 month program. During this time students engage in a research project. Their six-month stay allows students to have extensive participation, and in some cases even to publish their research results. Read more>>

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German Schäfer

“Sharing the untapped marvels of Colombian nature to improve the lives of people around the world”

German Schäfer speaks with a passion that moves anyone who is listening. He is energetic and straightforward, crucial qualities for someone that is both a scientist and an entrepreneur. Schäfer is currently a visiting scientist at Purdue's Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. But if he were to be defined, we would have to say that, above all, he is someone who loves Colombia. Read more>>

Happening Now

Purdue-UniCartagena collaboration brings water filters to rural Colombia

On July 31st, Professor Chad Jafvert traveled to Cartagena with a group of 3 students in a Global Design Team supported by the Office of Global Engineering Programs. Their goal was to provide the community of San Jose del Playón, in Bolívar, with access to clean water. Prof. Jafvert, along with Prof. John Howarter at Purdue, have been working on a reliable and inexpensive slow sand (or bio-sand) filter system to improve water quality since 2011. Read more>>

UNAL-Purdue develop successful bioinformatics workshops

The ongoing collaboration between Professors Esperanza Torres, from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), and Michael Gribskov from Purdue, has been fruitful. It all began when Torres, a molecular biologist, spent her sabbatical at Purdue in 2013-14. She worked closely with Professor Mary Catherine Aime, in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology on research projects focused on fungi. Torres also took bioinformatics classes taught by Professor Gribskov, with whom she shared an interest in genomics and bioinformatics research. Upon her return to Colombia, Professors Torres and Gribskov started to put together research proposals and search for funding for these proposals. Read more>>

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Purdue Olympians earn four medals, including first female Boilermaker to win gold. Read more>>


System might detect doctored images and videos for the military. Read more>>


Soluble corn fiber can help young women build bone, and older women preserve bone. Read more>>


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