Welcome to the Colombia-Purdue Newsletter!

We are very pleased to announce this new platform that will help us build stronger ties within our community. The idea behind this initiative is to keep us all updated on the developments of the Colombia-Purdue relations. Our dream is to release a monthly issue where we can share projects, developments, achievements, and a deeper knowledge of our shared history. Read more>>

In the Spotlight

Purdue Marching Band in Medellín

Purdue University’s “All-American” Marching Band performed in the Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers) between August 5th and 10th in Medellín, Colombia. Read more>>

About You

Rodolfo Gedeón

Rodolfo Gedeón holds a place of special significance in the history of Colombia-Purdue relations. In the fall of 1955 he came from Cartagena to pursue his Civil Engineering studies, at a time when the university offered only four different engineering programs. The journey itself was long, and included Jamaica and Cuba as stops along the way to Indianapolis. Read more>>

Happening Now

20 students from Universidad Nacional to work on research internships at Purdue

The undergraduate students are now able to participate in the call for Colciencias Global Nexus, which in its first phase will take 40 teenage students to internships to research in Purdue and Cornell universities in the United States. Read more>>

Purdue Day of Giving

Cool at Purdue

A new type of filter to recycle wasted photons could make incandescent lighting more efficient than commercial compact fluorescent and LED lighting. The filter is being developed by a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Purdue University. Read more>>


Purdue University is collaborating with General Motors to develop a new type of energy-absorbing material that might be 3-D printed and that could have an impact in areas ranging from earthquake engineering to safer football helmets. David Restrepo, a Purdue Colombia alum is part of the research team. Read more>>


Colombia Purdue in the News

*Purdue receives ExxonMobil grant at White House kickoff >>


*College of Liberal Arts students and a faculty member traveled to the Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia to participate in a Model United Nations Conference >>


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