April 2017

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The Purdue Day of Giving is happening on Wednesday, April 26th, and we want to encourage our Colombia-Purdue family and friends to support our cause. Early next week we will be sending out a Special Edition of our newsletter to show you what we have done and why we hope you will contribute.


In the Spotlight

Improving Innovation Practices at Medellín Universities 

Between 2015 and 2016 Purdue led a project, Management of Innovation in Higher Education Institutions (GIES). Under this program, participating teams from 19 Medellín-area universities learned methodologies to identify and evaluate innovative projects, and then defined innovation projects for their campuses to help them boost their impact in regional economic performance. Read more>>

About You


Nicolás Pombo

When asked about the reasons behind his successful career, Nicolás Pombo says it is the result of his permanent search for excellence through five elements: "continuous improvement, team work, leadership, time management, and high productivity under pressure." His story certainly demonstrates his pursuit of excellence. Read more >>


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Happening Now

A mutualistic relationship between Colombia and U.S. for Nanotechnology 

The 2nd Colombia-U.S. Nanotechnology workshop was held in Universidad de Los Andes on February 14-15, 2017. Nanotechnology experts from both countries met to discuss state-of-the-art characterization, metrology, manufacture, and safety techniques. Before explaining more details about this conference, it is important to give the reader some context on how this initiative was born. Read more>>

Did you know?


SADCO: Sociedad de Amigos de Colombia

What started as just a group of friends meeting to socialize has become a community with strong philanthropic ideals. Sociedad de Amigos de Colombia (SADCO), or the Society of Friends of Colombia in Indianapolis, is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1984 by Bill Hardy, Lucy Romero, Clara Hernández, Alicia Garca, Dorothy Serrano, Bertha Torres, and Clara Urrea with the purpose of promoting the Colombian culture in Indiana through artistic, cultural and educational activities. Read more >>


did you know

Cool at Purdue

'Print that engine'.  Read more>>

Purdue ranked eighth-best agriculture school in the world. Read more>>


Colombia Purdue in the News

*Universidad de Purdue de Estados Unidos efectúa visita a la Base Aérea de Madrid >>

*Supercomputer puts Colombia on fast track to designing new HIV drugs, science and engineering discovery >>




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