sergey kravchenko

Sergey Kravchenko
Postdoctoral Researcher


Sergey received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2004 and M.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering in 2006 from Zhukovskii National Aerospace University (“KhAI”, Kharkiv, Ukraine). He worked for his Candidate of Technical Sciences degree in Mechanics of Deformable Bodies in 2006–2010 while being employed at KSAMC (Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Ukraine) in 2007–2009 as an engineer at the department of forward and rear fuselage assembly for AN-140 and AN-72 airplanes. Sergey was teaching undergrad level classes (strength of materials, structural analysis) at the Department of Aircraft Strength at “KhAI” in the period of 2009–2012. He became a visiting researcher to Purdue in 2012 under Fulbright program and work with Dr. CT Sun. Sergey started his program at Purdue in 2014 under Dr. R Byron Pipes research group. He received his Ph. D. in 2017


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