Johnathan Goodsell

Johnathan Goodsell
Director of Validation


Dr. Goodsell’s research interests are in the field of validation of models for composites manufacturing and performance. Since completion of his PhD in 2013 with Professor R. Byron Pipes, Dr. Goodsell has served as a Visiting Assistant Professor and Research Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University.

In his role as Director of Validation in the Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center, Dr Goodsell is establishing automotive manufacturing capability to complement the existing aerospace manufacturing facilities. Responsibilities for validation efforts include design and execution of validation experiments and simulations for composites manufacturing processes, including high-pressure resin transfer molding, laminate stamping, injection overmolding and composites 3D printing. As Assistant Director of the Composites Virtual Factory HUB (cvfHUB) he is planning and coordinating the integration of commercial simulation codes to model composites manufacturing processes. As a member of the CMSC leadership team, he plans and coordinates efforts among 5 staff engineers and has responsibility for the manufacturing and testing laboratories. Current efforts are centered in the 5th NNMI, the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), a multi-state, multi-institution $260M+ program with $70M DOE funding.

Dr. Goodsell has also helped launch and lead the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB, which was officially recognized as a Purdue Center in June 2014, and is currently supported by 5 industrial partners, including aerospace OEMs, materials suppliers and commercial simulation tool providers. The mission of the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB ( is to accelerate the certification of aerospace products by analysis by advancing the number and “best practice use” of simulation tools for composite materials. He has become familiar with the functionalities and providers of the major commercial and academic simulation tools relative to composites manufacturing and performance and is leading efforts in education of the user community. He has assisted in developing and promoting a “Simulation Tool Taxonomy” with expert evaluations of commercial simulation tools. With Director R. Byron Pipes and Associate Director Wenbin Yu, Dr. Goodsell has planned and executed multiple industrial sponsor’s meetings and composites education workshops with participants from industry, government and academia. In collaboration with industry, he and Professor Wenbin Yu developed the “Micromechanics Simulation Challenge,” launched in January 2015. He has taken the cdmHUB to the world, promoting at major composites conferences and at workshops and industry gatherings. He is also guiding students in developing “Composites Apps” to codify knowledge in the form of simulation tools. He is the author, co-author or adviser of over a dozen simulation tools on


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  • Johnathan Goodsell
  • Research Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Director of Validation, Associate Director of cvfHUB, Assistant Director of cdmHUB
  • Indiana Manufacturing Institute, Room 116
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