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College of Veterinary Medicine

Professional Curriculum

3 + 1 Programs

It is possible to earn both Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees in seven years. This combined program includes three years of preprofessional courses in either the College of Agriculture or the College of Science and four years in the D.V.M. program.

Students can earn a baccalaureate degree in interdisciplinary agriculture or animal science by completing a minimum of 100 preprofessional credits, including the required preprofessional courses and additional courses as specified by the appropriate undergraduate degree curriculum. The Bachelor of Science degree will be awarded by the College of Agriculture upon successful completion of the initial year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program.

A similar arrangement is possible if you wish to pursue a B.S. in Biological Sciences degree while completing preprofessional course requirements. Core course requirements of the Department of Biological Sciences can be completed in three years while satisfying preprofessional requirements to establish eligibility to apply for admission to the professional degree curriculum. The B.S. degree in Science will be awarded after you have successfully completed the first year of veterinary medical study.

If you are interested in pursuing one of the 3 + 1 programs, you are advised to consult with your undergraduate academic advisor as early in your program as possible.