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College of Technology

Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation

The Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation (TLI) prepares students to be dynamic leaders in several technological fields. From tackling global challenges to implementing more efficient systems, leaders in the 21st century need to be able to think critically and creatively, work as part of a team and be open to new technologies and their uses.

A degree in one of the TLI programs provides the tools necessary to successfully navigate a broad range of professional opportunities and challenges. Students gain expertise and experience in leading the innovation process, which, simply put, means bringing new solutions from concept to widespread use.

Our graduates have found their own successes in nearly every industry that requires strong and innovative leaders, including education, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing and more. Many are also successful entrepreneurs who learned some of their early business lessons at Purdue and the College of Technology.

The department offers degrees in four areas: engineering/technology teacher education, industrial engineering technology, organizational leadership and supervision, and supply chain management technology (Degrees for students enrolled before Fall 2015 can be found on the College of Technology Web site.

Minors in organizational leadership, biotechnology biometrics, and supply chain management technology are also available.  The degrees are technology-based and interdisciplinary, with a large number of courses that provide experiences in state-of-the-art laboratories.

The student-oriented faculty members are experts in their fields, and they continuously pursue scholarship and professional development. In addition to the formal academic offerings, the department sponsors student organizations, field trips, participation in academic and industrial conferences and other extracurricular activities supportive of students’ academic and professional development.

College of Technology Statewide

The College of Technology Statewide offers degrees in industrial technology and organizational leadership and supervision at a number of Indiana locations. See College of Technology Statewide.

Biotechnology Minor

Biotechnology refers to harnessing the properties of a living organism to develop and manufacture products that benefit human life. The combination of biological sciences with high-technology applications is predicted to provide solutions to major national problems by creating new generations of industrial biotechnology with great potential for economic impact. There are current and projected shortages of graduates with the knowledge needed in the growing biotechnology industry; this minor in biotechnology will help meet these demands. The minor is an interdisciplinary partnership among the colleges of Agriculture, Pharmacy, Science and Technology. Requiring 22 credit hours to complete, the biotechnology minor is open to all Purdue undergraduate students regardless of major. Read more at tech.purdue.edu/tli.

Biometrics Minor

The intent of this minor is to offer the graduates of four-year programs the basic knowledge and understanding of biometrics technologies to seek employment opportunities with a supporting skill set for security operations and management through private and government sectors. The Biometrics minor provides a skill set that can be applied to a variety of industries, including government (local, state, and federal agencies), high-technology companies, and as integrators and technologists, to help secure facilities. Read more at tech.purdue.edu/tli.

Organizational Leadership Minor

A minor in organizational leadership will expose you to current issues in leadership and how organizations operate. The knowledge and skills you learn from these classes will be beneficial in any career after graduation. The OLS minor consists of four courses (12 credit hours). The courses in the OLS minor provide for a solid foundation in leadership that fits well with other majors. It also provides a foundation for further study towards bachelor's degree in organizational leadership. Read more at tech.purdue.edu/tli.

Supply Chain Management Technology Minor

Supply chain management technology is a discipline that is needed to some degree by virtually every organization. The minor offers the basic knowledge and understanding of supply chain management technologies to seek employment opportunities with a supporting skill set for supply chain operations. Four key technologies typically influence the supply chain: software, electronic business technologies (including web portals), visibility and productivity technologies (bar codes, RFID, etc.), and process advances, such as Six Sigma and Lean processes.